Thursday, December 30, 2010

Everyday is a Daydream

Just sitting here, eating broccoli, contemplating where the year of 2010 has gone.

I'm older, fatter and maybe wiser?
Still working some identity issues, but I'm enjoying the process. No resolutions this year; just a focus on becoming who I want to be-- someone that I love.

I wish you all the best this New Year's Eve-- party safely and drink a lot of sparkling stuff--and cheers to what 2011 shall bring!
Listening: "Waving Flag (World Cup Version)" by K'naan

Monday, December 27, 2010

Much mistletoeing, Hearts will be glowing

This year's Christmas tree is comparatively smaller to what we've had in previous years. I mean, it's quite a lovely tree, very full-- but I burst out laughing when I first saw it! And yes, that is my bichon frisé Razzle wearing a canine snuggie she recieved for Christmas :D.

Huzzah for the holidays! These affairs are always held at our house because my mom makes unwieldly amounts of food, and this year I helped with the brunch preparation. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter-- always a family brunch, instead of dinner. But it's funny because my brothers and sisters will be over in the mid-morning, then gone within three hours! Haha so I spent the rest of the afternoon fiddling with my gifts! Did you have a good Christmas haul? :)
Biggest surprise/sickest gift for Christmas '10: A Kona acoustic guitar!!!
Apparently my parents have listened to my constant groveling about wishing that I could play the violin again, or learn the guitar. Haha, in my earnest effort to tune, I accidentally snapped the B string after playing for two hours. Nevertheless, this morning it was fixed and I bought a full set of strings at a music shop for $10.
I am overwhelmingly stoked to learn how to play! The biggest obstacle I'm finding so far is shifting chords without looking, so I'll just have to continue practicing. It's going to be a thrill bringing it back to school with me because I know several people with guitars, and now I can join the jam sessions!
I am finally becoming the pseudo-hippie free spirit that I've always admired :)).
Sunday we went on an entirely unecessary shopping spree anddd I went absolutely nuts. I mean, I had a mall giftcard from my brother and sister-in-law and I purchased that paisley tunic I'm wearing in the picture above from H&M, along with a black knit headband and a fringe black camisole from Charoltte Russe, but everything else... haha I dropped a lot of money.
At Teavana the teacups were clearanced, so I bought that floral porcelain one for $2.10-- a total steal! But I bought 2 oz. of 'Precious White Peach' white tea that was $16 o_O. Call me crazy, but I brewed a few cups today, and it was delicious! Oh, the things I do for tea (and food in general).
Then at Michael's Arts & Crafts, there were dozens of clearanced Christmas tins and I horded those to use as tea canisters. I also decided that I needed to pick up painting again because I'm taking studio art semester, and I figured it would be beneficial to engage in activities not so technology-related. Thus, I spent another $15 on new acrylic paints, paint brushes, palatte knives and a spray bottle. It was like Christmas, two days in a row.

Needless to say, I have temporarily confiscated my debit card from myself :B.
Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Listening: "Erase Me" - Kid Kudi, featuring Kanye West

Friday, December 24, 2010

Haul Out the Holly

Put up the tree before my, spirit falls again! :)
(classic Christmas music from the 40's - 60's is my absolute favorite)

Merry Christmas Eve to you all!
I spent the morning prepping with my mother for our tremendous, annual Christmas morning brunch. It's just unnecessary the amounts of food that is prepared! I never realized how many recipes used sour cream and mayo as well, but what can you do, it's the holidays... Do you have any family Christmas traditions?
We always wait for the morning to exchange gifts, and the tree has been raised and decorated since the beginning of December! Though after attending our once-a-year holiday church service (we used to be regulars, until we moved out of range of 'our' church), we will put all the gifts underneath the tree.

I would like to announce my new mission: cultural enlightenment.

I'm home for beyond a month and I may shrivel of boredom if I don't have actual plans, therefore I might as well make productive splendor of the available time! When I went to the Geva Theatre with my parents Tuesday, seeing everyone so dressed up and knowing how much money was spent for the sake of the arts, that rendered me thinking. My aim is to be able to bring more to the table in terms of conversation and general intelligence when I return to college. I want to become a more sophisticated being and create a presence-- silly, doesn't it seem?! Bear in mind this is a living list, therefore I am very open to suggestions for what I can do to heighten my cultural awareness! Currently:
  • Investigate on-the-verge and ethnic restaurants in Rochester, in lieu of chains and regulars; ex. The Owl House
  • Finish Three Cups of Tea then proceed to read at least 2 more novels (setting the bar a bit low for that one, but if I meet this goal that would be an immense amount of reading compared to what I've done these last two years..!)
  • Pore through the works of Walt Whitman; he's the one poet I am will to spend time considering.
  • Cook something daring (courtesy of Food & Wine Magazine)!
  • Blog twice a week about something.. meaningful
  • Discover some kickin' jazz and swing music
  • Learn a new vocabulary word everyday using the iPod app; chaffer: to bargain or haggle
  • Catch up on indie films
  • Study up on global geography and learn countries and capitals (if I can manage)
  • Drown in tea, brewing the perfect cup every time (that was assumed); I hope to reach connoisseur status one day, if such titles exist for tea-lovers :P
Alright, so I may be totally missing the mark in terms of 'enlightenment', but I just want to inrease my general knowledge on the world, you know?

One of my good friends has the first season of Glee on DVD now, and I watched it for the first time at her house last night! Anddd I like it, a bit too much, so the last 12 hours I have watched as many free episodes as possible on Hulu. Haha, the show is so over the top, I simply can't help but enjoy it.

I may be around the blogosophere tomorrow, but nevertheless I wish you all a positively Merry Christmas! I can't wait to read how they went-- 'tis the season!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why so serious?

Thanks to the unfailingly overcast climate conditions of Western New York, I missed the lunar eclipse that was the first to occur on a winter solstice since the 17th century. I do believe I would have woken up at 2:30 to watch it. Grr, too bad! Anyone else catch it? :)

Anyway, it is also amusing to consider that winter has officially started. There isn't as much snow here at home than at school, so I hope it falls more for Christmas and winter expeditions. I love cross-country skiing in my backyard and sledding down the ravine at my friend's house! What are your favorite winter activities? It's also nice to sip whip creamed-hot cocoa next to the wood stove with the morning paper or a Christmas-themed show in the background. I've realized that what I take the most pleasure out of is when the snow is actually falling, gently accumulating in sparkling drifts. I adore sparkling snow.

The last few days I've hung out with my friends a lot, and we're just trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. My friend Kristen and I posted a ridiculous music video on Facebook interpreting what our winter holiday will be :P. Yesterday a bunch of us visited our high school and it was... nauseating, to say the least. When I visited back in October for the first time I felt torn and oddly nostalgic, yet this visit I was more or less revolted. There are several teachers and a few friends, and it breaks my heart not being around them anymore, though aside from them I do not miss it at all. There was some petty drama brought up, tempting me to be sucked in, but noooo way; I don't go there anymore, leave me out.

One thing I did, however, was participate in the indoor track team's practice! The coach was also my cross-country coach and he still likes to keep up what I've been doing with my team at college, and he was more than welcome to have me join. You know, I was a cheerleader and tennis player, so this track concept is fairly new to me! And since I haven't been running fully, I have no idea which events I'll be competing in. I ran an easy 2 miles on the treadmill, sprint rowed 3 sets of 200 meters on the rowing machine, then did the body weight exercises; it was 200 body-weight squats and 100 push-ups. I alternated back and forth and took a few breathers, but my body did not thank me this morning!
Alas, I feel more hardcore for it. It's a pain of progress.

Today we went to the mall to catch up on family Christmas shopping, with me strategically dodging more people that I didn't want to see. Notice a trend here? There are an overwhelming amount of people here at home that I prefer not to be associated with-- is that wrong? I haven't decided yet.
Oh man, I am crossing my fingers that someone in my family bought me tea or tea paraphernalia from Teavana for Christmas! Otherwise that is where my post-holiday splurging is being conveyed. My parents picked me up and we headed into the city to watch an annual performance of A Christmas Carol. The threatre is intimate, yet this allows the audience to connect with the actors. We attended a Prologue with one of the actors prior, who explained how this presentation was newly-envision by the theatre's artistic director, Mark Cuddy. My mom pointed out how these settings weren't as elaborate as the prior performances, but I was content because it brought more attention to the acting. It was a great evening and I always appreciate any excuse to dress up and feel sophisticated.

No Bah Humbugs this winter for me! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Challenge what's possible

I'm certainly more eloquent in writing than I could ever desire to be in person.
I'm a fumbling, inarticulate mess. I "aa..uhhmm" way too often and, in my attempt to think before I speak, pause for too long.. thereby rendering myself to appear a lot less than intelligent than I [think] am. I enjoy listening to adults and good speakers who seemlessly omit these burdensome 'thinking' words, and I hope that one day I will be able to do the same.

As of 11 AM today, my winter break commenced. I have survived finals week, which was lacked stressed though became mentally exhausting from the perpetual study sessions, and I have officially finished my first semester as a college student. Everyone keeps saying, "One-eighth of the way done!" with a sort of an enthused awe, but I prefer not to regard this milestone in that way. You know, panic sets in.
However, I am home now for five weeks -- which equivilates to mega-blogging-time! [insert whoops and hollers]

I also hope to keep things hot in spite of the single-digit temperatures and dance to overplayed Top 40 music. How I have missed Food Network, Travel Channel and VH1 marathons! Oh, to be home :).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A December to Remember

School was blanketed in the lovely white stuff last weekend. Now it's just a miserable brown slush from the sleet this morning. Although it's warmer (mid-thirties), I prefer the single-digit temperatures for beautiful snow.

The week coming back from Thanksgiving break was basically one biggg party. Every night there was a theme and I had a blast! The final night was our Saturday formal and it was very exciting to dress up and take pictures, just like high school. This is a photo of some of the freshmen cross-country girls and myself!

This past week we only had classes Monday through Thursday, which was a bit more stressful yet oddly exciting because I have completed my first semester of college. This coming week is strictly for tests and I have to stick around because I have exams Wednesday and Friday morning, so in general I consider the semester finished-- and it is utterly unbelievable.
You know me (maybe not); I freak out when time passes too quickly. I mean I can absolutely declare that I am comfortable and adjusted here now, but I can't grasp how far I and everyone else has come. I literally restarted my life here without friends. Now, I know several dozen people and I'm on a DIII athletic team (I'm competing in the track meets after winter break!), the freshmen student government, the senior class gift committee and our literary magazine. The whole concept of college... is so wierd. But I like it!
Whoo, I should not be on right now. I have a final paper due tomorrow morning hahaha. Alas, one of my friends has stopped by for tea, sooo another interlude and then back to work.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend, and we shall be in touch soon. ♥

Sunday, December 5, 2010


My tea obsession has manifested itself into literature! At last I was able to spend the remaining money on Border's giftcards from my graduation party. I scoured the site for the best bargain deals and then the books gradually arrived at my house during break from around the country.

Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul is unfortunately not as engaging as other compilations in the Chicken Soup series, but I sure enjoy reading the testaments of those who are as nuts about tea as I! One cute thing about this book is that every few stories there's interesting facts or advice on how to properly brew tea and enjoy the tea-drinking experience.
When I typed 'tea' in the search box at Borders, Three Cups of Tea is one of the first novels that appeared. In 1993 a mountaineer named Greg Mortenson unsuccessfully attempted to summit the mountain K2 in Pakistan. After being resusitated by an isolated village, he realized that the greatest thing he could do for them is build a school. The concept is creating peace and understanding with tribal cultures in a land known for its hostility, religious extremism, etc. A significant tradition in the culture is to share tea, thus alluding to the title. I've been reading the novel when I have downtime in between school work, and it is a pretty incredible story.
PostSecret you might have heard of, it's an ongoing community project of anonymous post card secrets. I never fully understood it until I purchased the first book, and I think it could be a new obsession. Reading other peoples' confessions, reflecting upon my own, wondering who these people could be and why they feel a certain way or acted as they did-- I love it. I'll definitely be putting the successive books on future holiday gift lists. I'm also considering sending one of my own secrets...
Yay for reading!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Up, Up and Away

This post is a little all over the place and epic-length; it's taken a few days to pull together. But this is basically my Thanksgiving Break! I hope you've all enjoyed yours :).

33 Saints. 7 cars. 4 days. 2,200 miles round trip.
One goal, and that was to show our support for our Men's and Women's teams at the NCAA DIII Cross-Country Nationals at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

We left St. Lawrence Thursday afternoon after everyone was out of classes and drove Buffalo for the first night. We slept in a ski lodge in sleeping bags, and at 1 AM we awake to this tapping from outside the windows. There were these two men with face masks, a crow bar and giant screw driver outside the lodge window! It was terrifying; a lot of the girls began panicking and wanting to call the police. A few of the guys got up to investigate and of course, it was only two other guys who thought it would be funny to insue chaos. After we all finally calmed down, we left the lodge at 8:30 Friday morning for Iowa.

It's funny... we drove to Iowa. I can't figure out why stating that is so laughable; perhaps because it's basically halfway across the continental United States? Because Iowa is one huge, rolling cornfield? That the desolate highways are straight out of movies that involve cowboys and body-dumping?!
Honestly once we drove through Ohio, the mid-west states seemed fairly close together. Sitting on Interstate-90 we saw things like "The World's Largest Truck Stop" (it's legit-- saw it once on the Travel Channel) and one of our cars accidentally went in to Chicago, rather than around! However, I had never been farther West than Chicago (being in Californian airports as a baby does not count), so this road-tripping was truly one big adventure :). My car was one of the first to reach the hotel in Waverly at 11:30. We fit 11 people in our room.. and there was that many in the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor as well. There was no room, nor energy, to be a diva about it. Haha, that car did eventually make it-- at 2 AM central time, 3 AM Eastern!
With the team all together, we headed over to Wartburg College the Saturday morning. The bitter wind was whipping across the course, which was basically loops on a field behind a housing development. Our cheering section was one of several who trekked out to Nationals to wear their colors and encourage their teams. The Saints XC tradition is to don capes with the St. Lawrence shield, along with XC insignia and our mottos "Gung-Ho" and "Joust" (for the men's team). What an exhiliarating rush to be there supporting our 14 teammates that were running amongst some of the fastest collegiates in the country!

Our men's team placed 3rd overall, with one of them placing 4th and several others in the top 35. That was their best finish since 1986! On the women's side, my senior captain won the Division III Championship-- again! That was a thrill to watch, she ran so strongly and truly deserved it. The team as a whole didn't do as well as predicted but I was still unbelievably proud of what they've done this season. After the race we switched to their hotel (sneaking in) and celebrated. We were back on the road again at 6:40 AM Sunday, with 16 hours on the road. It really wouldn't have taken that long had one of our cars not sputtered down in Indiana D: ... haha, we think it was a transmission problem and it had to be towed. Luckily we had less people driving back than driving there, so consolidating wasn't an issue. Everyone was back in Buffalo Sunday night by 11. Monday morning all we had to do is drive an hour east on I-90, and there my parents were at a thruway exit 30 minutes from my house to pick me up! I was home by 11 AM :).

Monday returning from the road trip was a nap and settle-in-type day. That night some of my best friends came over to visit! We drank tea and caught up. Tuesday morning I woke myself up at 7:30 to get a head start on my homework so my mother would see my initiative and allow me to go out—which worked, because I spent the afternoon with my friend Megan going to her classes at a community college. It was awesome finally meeting her friends, and now I have faces to put to the names she tells us about! Haha in the school lobby their were clay and feathers for turkeys so I made a St. Lawrence one :P

Wednesday I went out to the Salvation Army with my mom in the morning. I like Wednesdays because all the apparel is half-off except for those with green tags. I held up the dressing room but scored some diverse clothing!! I bought a nautical dress (which I hemmed to make it more mini-dress length), a Forever 21 grey shirt with a leopard (party apparel), a belted beige trench coat (out of season, but will be put to use someday) and this totally legit pale yellow, après ski-esque pullover that is probably straight out of the eighties. I know the phrase “legit” is obnoxious, but honestly that was the first phrase that came to mind when I saw it!

After that we hustled off to Kohl’s for a bit and then she dropped me off at Starbucks, where I met up with two of my other best friends! We gushed over coffee (pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks ‘perfect’ oatmeal) and then went to watch Harry Potter. Now, I am not one who frequents the theatre because I despise spending $8 to sit in an uncomfortable, crowded room watching a movie that I may or may not like. But obviously I knew Harry Potter was worth it, so no second-guessing that.
I found the film a thrill to watch. I enjoyed it much more I think because I haven’t read the book in a few years, and I couldn’t remember certain plot details that were omitted to be critical of. The pace was hurried—I really, really wish they would just make the film an epic-length—and the first half ended a lot later than I predicted. Which was bad because it was hurried, yet good because the second half should be explosive and stunning. Agh, when the movie ended I just moaned because I knew we would all have to wait…until July. All in all, I loved it; each successive movie has improved and the talent is just unbelievable.
Uhh, but did anyone else think Ron’s Horcrux hallucination in the woods was…unnecessary? I didn’t think Harry and Hermione had to be naked to convey the jealousy. Awkwardddd.

Once Harry Potter ended we bummed around the mall. No doubt I enjoy going through clothes at the stores there, but I don’t have the same desire to buy everything off the rack. I have loads more fun investigating the Salvation Army, and I have the moral satisfaction that I am reducing my negative global impact by recycling clothing. It A) prevents waste from accumulating, B) supports charitable efforts in my region, C) does not support increased water, carbon and labor consumption that new clothing does and D) is cheap. Of the clothing I bought that morning, only the grey shirt was half-off, but the total was still under $13!

However, at the mall I never hesitate to hang out in Teavana. I literally just stand there, examining in awe at all the expensive tea pottery that I lust to own, and sample all the tea. It’s love.

Thursday was Thanksgiving!!! No surprise there, it was cool being with my family yet at the same time nothing exciting ever happens. At dinner I urged everyone to seriously state one thing they were thankful for, but everyone was frustratingly uncooperative. That’s the one thing I can’t stand about my brothers and sisters: I never feel like they take me seriously. I’m not sure when or how that will change…In any case, I was still thankful to be with them. And for butternut squash and pumpkin pie. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish? I personally grow weary of turkey after day two, but I found these revamp-your-leftovers type recipes such as turkey cranberry quesadillas and onion soup made with turkey stock. If my mom ends up freezing some of the turkey for winter break, I’ll bust it out then and try it.

Friday I did not participate in wretchedly early shopping madness. Simply was not feeling it this year.
I did homework, hung out with a group of friends, went to Target later in the afternoon with my parents, ate a super-late birthday dinner with them at this amazing steak house, then went to another friend’s house to see more people. I love them all!!! I’m quite pleased with the number of people I was able to spend time with because this break was a whirlwind of plans.
Saturday I did homely things: cleaned the barn, packed my college stuff, sat on the computer, listened to Kid Cudi and my former science teacher’s steel drum band (she’s a very interesting woman), baked cookies and scones and hemmed the dress that I bought. That was the only full day I wasn’t able to get out and see people other than my parents. I was a little stir-crazy.

Now it’s Sunday, and I’m back at school. It was a very satisfying break and I am re-charged for the next three weeks of academic mayhem. I can’t wait to hear how everyone’s vacation was—including yours! :D

Listening: "To Kingdom Come", Passion Pit
Upcoming: pictures of the thrift buys, Border's packages

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Settling In, Going Out & SO MUCH LOVE.

Made it back from Iowa in one piece. Best road trip ever (not that I have much to compare it with, but still)! More on that later*. For now,
I wish everyone an extremely Happy Thanksgiving with their families and friends. It really is the best holiday-- all love, no commercial intent attached. I'm quite eager to stuff my face as well. Charlie Brown always does a splendid job capturing the spirit of the holidays :).

I am planning to do a full post, but one of my global studies books is beckoning to be read. In an uncharacteristically education-proactive fashion, I am going to read it so I can finish my break homework in order to liberate myself for social activities. YES! Eat up everyone and enjoy! Be back soon!!!

*to look foward to: The Road to Nationals, Borders packages, picking right up where we left off, thrifting, Harry Potter, foodfoodfood ♥

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Thanksgiving break does not officially begin until Friday, but I'm leaving tomorrow after class is over for a road trip to Waverly, Iowa.

Why would we drive 2,000 miles to Waverly, Iowa you wonder???
To support our Nationally-ranked Cross-Country teams at the NCAA Division III Championships!!! The St. Lawrence women are 2nd in the nation and the men are 5th; my captain is the defending National Champ, and this could be the year!
I am unashamed to admit that I do not contribute athletic prowess to these teams whatsoever, so I pull my slack with positive energy, cheering and act'in a fool :). I am so pumped for this because I have never taken a legitimite road trip, let alone traveled independtly with 32 other kids (adolescents? college students?). It took inexplicable amounts of pleading, begging and convincing to sway my parents into allowing me to go, but yeah, I have to do things on my own; now can start being the time.
Things should be interesting, to say the least. :D

And once I'm home Monday afternoon, it's a full week of relaxation. It will probably pass quickly, but I am twitching with eagerness to see all the people that have been absent from my life for the last 3 months ♥.

I am so eager to get out and have some FUN. As I write our campus Quidditch Team is hosting a Yule Ball and I'm waiting for some friends to arrive and we're going to dress up (not in dress robes, however :P) and dance until we die in the name of Harry freakin' Potter! HAHA one of the seniors on my team suggested we watch it Friday when we're in Iowa!
I'm so happy right now.

Listening: "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry/Tyler Ward/the cast of Glee [check out those versions if you have not heard them yet] It's our team song and I can't get enough of it!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Artic slivers of the air
Our deepest hopes, dreams
Whispr'ing softly in your ear.

Mmm yup, that is the extent of my poetic prowess :). Here at the gym, bright and early on a Friday before my French class. I decided to bike and take off after my legs burned so much Wednesday. Mulan is immensely entertaining in Mandarin, by the way! These actors even try to personify the same vpices as the original ones.
Yesterday after class, Ally and I grabbed our rusty, too-large hockey skates and hit up the arena for open-skate. I'm terrible-- really tense and slow-- but I did not fall once after not being on the ice in several years! I worked up a sweay quickly, it really was a great way to diversify the afternoon. I had a blast, and I'm going to keep practicing through the end of the year :D.
Did you participate in any random activities as of late?

I am exhausted. I need to put a time limit on my computer use; I have spent wayyy too much time on the internet! Haha I may sleep after class is out at one, then off to do concessions at the hockey game tonight. Though for the rest of you, have a terrific start to the weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is such a painstaking process

My legs started tightening and burning as I was running today. I probably should take a day off and just bike tomorrow.
This is going to be a longgggg process.

On the upside...
We're watching Mulan, in Chinese lab, IN CHINESE! Hahahaha I can't wait to hear "We Are Men"! Have a lovely night everyone!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Always Caught Off Guard

and left stumbling around, coming to terms with the current melodramas then reassessing what happens after the fact and thennn... laugh like mad.
That's really all I can ever do-- laugh at my life.

Psychologically, I believe if we keep insisting to ourselves that we're happy, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I came off such a good week and then Sunday was just plain nuts, and it knocked me down a bit but I soooo want another great week!!!

On a random term of HAPPINESS, I'd like to point out some things that are pleasing me lately:
+ I love how I can say "I love you" and "I am happy" in four different languages now.
+ I love building relationships with people; discovering their quirks, hidden talents and life stories; meeting up and going out, unaware of the potential impermanence or superficiality but still enjoying the moment.
+ I love how I can swathe myself in layers and luscious scarves and not sweat.
+ I love rediscovering music that I had forgotten on my iPod.
+ I love, love Tokyo Police Club for everything they're worth, the Twilight New Moon soundtrack, jamming out to reggae in the most chill manner possible, and the new sound of The Maine.
+ I love that my school has had organized social activites the last two weekends so there was non-stop funfunfun and raucous dancing and behavior. Love it.
+ I love feeling sufficiently full, but not overstuffed.
+ I love raspberries with hot fudge. Or caramel.
+ I love finishing my work in a timely fashion so I don't set myself up for a stress-filled disaster. Currently failling at that, however.
--> What are you loving at the moment, what's making you beam with HAPPINESS? :D

Despite the fact that I have a lot of work to tackle and conquer, directly after lab I persuaded two of my friends to watching a showing of Les Choristes by the French Club. There were only four other people watching it (hey, best kept secret) but I was sooo pumped! If you do not
recall, it ranks as one of my favorite movies and the soundtrack is simply divine. I wish I still had chorale-capable vocal chords to reach pitches like theirs. The movie put me in such bonheur.

My friend Ally accompanied me to the student center so I could buy junk food -- raspberry Milanos and vegan snickerdoodles -- to cope with some emotional upheavals and that reprising parent-derived conflict. I should not be binging to deal with stress of any sort butttt... I didn't have dessert with my dinner tonight, I'll be running and biking tomorrow, and now I'm just binging on tea? Is that excusable?

Ahahaha now back to work,
and to allow myself to drown in tea.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Favourite Food

"Let the sugar melt down your throat, 'cause you know it's sweet getting old."
- "Favourite Food", Tokyo Police Club

I had a spectacular 18th birthday.
I was actually awake the first two hours, finishing a paper on globalization!! No worries though, I was with my best friend here, then my best friend from home called and finishing the paper was my first accomplishment as an adult :D. I went to bed soon there after, to be woken around 7:40 to these odd scratching noises. Then my roommate came over and tapped me, with terror in her eyes and whispered, "What is that noise?!" I didn't know for sure, but I told her it was probably one of my friends taping a sign on the door.
An hour and a half later when I woke up for real, I discovered a lovely drawn card and tons of chocolates on the door. Hahaha and I told that friend the paranoia she inspired. It was a very sweet gesture nonetheless!
So throughout the day I recieved happybirthdays and compliments on my bright dress thag contradicted the dank weather of the day. My friend Ally and I rode our bikes into town after class and she treated me to lunch at the lovely Blackbird Cafe. We had more class but I finished my homework for today early in order to enjoy the day. Practice was annoying because my teammate and I couldn't find any open bikes, yet we had a great time passing around paper hearts in a team circle to give anonymous love. Mine was filled with comments on positvity, smiling and being a generally happy person.
I ate dinner with my team and made a deelicious oreabanananut sundae! Then I reconvened with my friends and we jammed into the crowded student center to watch Inception. I hadn't watched it since the drive-in over the summer and I was STOKED. Haha, trippiest 2 1/2 hours of my life :D.
Ahhhh so to my absentminded dismay, I lost two of the bday cardsmy friend gave me. Left them SOMEWHERE, but I always forget things like that :\. Bahh, it's an adult skill I need to work on.
So I pretty much went to bed at the end of my eighteenth birthday, still floating from all the love. Even though Facebook is superficial and non-commitmal, I truly adored all the wall posts. Thanks to everyone for the wishes!!!

I'm back on the bike this morning, practicing now instead of at 3 because I have to work the hockey game concessions. Life is hectic, it takes a lot of effort, but damn it sure feels good to be an adult. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Witching Hour

First day of November, and a chilly one at that. I knew October would pass quickly, but I finally am going to be 18 this Thursday!!! I have two classes and practice, then I work hockey game concessions Friday and Saturday night, yet I swear I'm going out to do something fun to celebrate! Thankfully at this point I have some amazing friends who are eager to go out as well. We'll see how this week pans out :).

So Friday I spent the night in Syracuse at a XC teammate's house because us and the other girls who aren't in the top echelon of runners went to Hobart & William Smith College to watch our girls race. Besides that both the men and women's teams won the Liberty League by a long shot, my parents came out to watch Saturday because the race course is a mere 45 minutes from home! It's odd seeing my parents and leaving them; my mother still maintains her typical neurotic worrying, while my Dad always emphasizes how much he misses me. I call them pretty much everyday. My mom also gave me a loaf of zuchinni bread and cookies!

It was only 6:15 when we arrived nack at St. Lawrence. Obviously I missed Friday night's Halloween festivities, but I wasn't going to skip Saturday! I was in a dilemma for a costume because I did not do ANY previous preparation, though with the gracious help of various friends, I became.. A lax bro!!!!
Hahahaha yup, I was bro-in' it out as a lacrosse playa as all the girls wore as little as possible; the one night looking like a skank is acceptable!
Here's one of my girl Ally and I:

So while everyone around me was pregaming and mixing drinks, I held strong and sober. The cross-country teams make a collective decision for a dry season at the end of September every year, and this is law until Nationals (beginning of Thanksgivig break). Basically if you drink during this period, you're kicked off the team. However, I have not had this much fun in ages! Various clubs sponsored an outdoor tent party and an indoor rave, and I was just able to ley loose with indiscriminate dancing and happiness-- while also being perfectly coherent and used by everyone else's drunken fiascos. I was mostly impressed by the campus wide enthusiasm; I believe I saw every costume imaginable!
[If you're reading this sans photos, check my Facebook! Tonight I'll update the post with images.]

I slept over in my friend Ally's room and Sunday we worked allllllllll day. Now it's Monday evening and I have lab right after my practice here, then three papers to write. But I'm satisfied about the weekend. Here's to all the high feelings that will pull be through the week! :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your Love is Out

Another day on the bike! I resumed my stress fracture recovery track workout: 400 meters walking, 800 jogging then another 400 walking. I went on the outdoor track because it's glorious today and I don't know how long it will last. I wore shorts and my shades to class as if it were the end of summer and not October, having a great day and feeling likr a champ. After practice here I have a lab for Chinese (yeah language labs are mandatory though helpful at the elementary and intermediate levels) then I'll eat and at 8:30 I have to watch a movie with my French class. Sooo no legitamite down time until possibly after 10, but before practice I caught up on Project Runway with my friend Annie.

Mental decompression is necessary, less you want an evening breakdown.

Oh, did I mention that I went to Montreal Sunday to see 3OH!3 with Down With Webster, Hellogoodbye and Neon Hitch? It's a terrific city and under 2.5 hours away, so going to that concert was realistic and a BLAST! Nonetheless, the French Canadians were rude, snobby assholes. Hopefully I'll go to Montreal again to explore some more!

Ohmygod I sweat so much..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Lost Track

At this point, I am a college Freshman of two months who still procrastinates and can't grasp the passage of time or where I'm going in life. But I'm pretty sure that I love where I'm at right now.

Most immediately I'm in the athletic center of my school, pedaling away on the satationary bike. This is my cross-country practice because I have resulted in stress fractures of both shins!! Aha, not quite the way I imagined my initial collegiate running season, but recovery takes time.

While on my iPod touch here, the revelation suddenly dawned on me: the campus wide Wi-Fi enables me to BLOG AGAIN.

The social aspects of college are yhe greatest adjustment. I've finally foud incredible, true people. The student body in general is very friendly though. The independence is AMAZING, but it requires significant balancing. I love being involved and going out but my work load has the tendency to hit me like a bus!

Thus, how I plan on amusinf myself during these monotonous rides. At least until I'm running again!

Anyway.. College has been a challenging adjustment. Making friends is easier said than done, but I have a few that are reliable and true all the way through. The connections through XC are wonderful as well. People at my school as genuinely friendly, although the asshole population is certainly present. The professors are engaging and the expectations are high, but they are human and I've gotten by with a sympatheic extension.
However, the work! Oh, the work. Not taking a math nor science this semester has been a blessing, though my mind is still cranking.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Despite the insanity running all of my friends’ lives, we were able to take a few hours in the afternoon to do lunch and shoe shop together. I went with my friend Jessie, she’s heading to Florida next Thursday for college. We became especially close last fall because of cross-country, and it was difficult to keep up with each other through the year, but I really wanted to spend time with her before she left. Our friend Ariel came along as well, who is going to be a senior this year.
We went to this fantastic place called The Muar House Café. It’s an upbeat, casual-chic sandwich and gelato restaurant located on Canandaigua Lake. I went there once before with my best friends the day we graduated:
The loft upstairs is painted bright teal and contrasts with the hardwood floors and black leather sofas. It almost feels like you’re eating in someone’s loft, which I love! For this lunch I ordered a roast beef panini; very out of character for me (I have a vegetarian or poultry tendency), but something compelled me to order it! What arrived was this huge grilled sandwich with layers of thinly cut roast beef, wide strips of roasted red peppers and melted provolone – horseradish on the side, that stuff I can’t handle. I also had red skin potato salad on the side. Ariel ordered an enormous greek salad, and Jessie ate a three cheese and tomato panini with fruit. We had gelato afterwards; mine was a delicious pairing of passion fruit and coconut in a waffle bowl! We sat outside under the shade beside the lake with our cool treats and caught up with each other.

After this, we went to Payless for shoe shopping!! Jessie wasn’t able to make it to my graduation party in July but she still gave me a gift: $20 to Payless, because she felt that treating yourself to a pair of new shoes before college was important :D Soo after many indecisive fittings and the suggestions of my friends, I decided upon a pair of black ankle boots and black suede flats (I didn’t own any up until now!). I had to dish out $23 of my own after the gift card, but I believe these will be wardrobe essentials for the coming seasons:

I should do another post about today, but I just needed to tell you all…
I cut my hair!!! I’m donating 9 inches to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program. It looks flat because it's wet hahaha. Hope you all are doing fine! :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Follies and Concerns

I wake up in the morning, not feeling like P. Diddy, but more like a disillusioned child who is ready but can't believe she is really beginning college in 15 days. Yes, I said child. I have so much life to live and I do have certain aspirations that I am extremely anxious to fulfill, but... I am plagued by self-doubt, fears of inadequacy and inexperience. I'm going to miss my friends unyielding amounts!!! I know everyone raves about how college you make your friends for life and though this could easily be true, they were not the ones I grew up with for the last eight years; the people I can attribute my happiness to; my best friends that never allowed me to fall without being there to catch me.
I suppose it comes down to the reality that I simply do not want to be severed from what I know and am secure with.

On the other hand, college will probably be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I'm really, really striving to pick up my blogging habits again; especially when I'm in school. For the few people that read this blog, you have been amazing supporters and advice-givers! I feel obligated to share the journey because I thrive off your feedback. This summer has been an absolute whirlwind! First it was the ultimate leap through final exams which were the worst of my high school career, then I went through the highs of graduating, reciting my well-taken commencement speech, have my snarling look of enthrallment photographed and slapped on the front of the local newspaper, partied my way through the end of June and beginning of July, then juggled my life with two jobs to buffer my bank account (still working one job, the other ended), my mother had total knee-replacement surgery, running and trying to keep up with a training schedule because I've joined a Division III cross-country team, failed my road test for the fourth time (No lie. I am going to college without a license...), went to the drive-in way less than I had planned, still shopping and preparing for college life but feeling eternally unprepared and constantly struggling to find time to see my friends as they go through similarly demanding shit.

That is summer twenty-ten in a nutshell. Definitely not what I was hoping for, but what more can I ask? This life has been good to me.

'til we meet again,
Nicole :]