Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Came Out of a Dreamland

Our Springfest was this past weekend. It was pretty darn cold and pouring rain the entire day, but everyone rallied to the quad for a spectacular, muddy dance party. Here's a video of Ben Folds, the headliner! It's pretty funny because I know so many people in the screen.
However, I hadn't stuck around for Ben. I had just came down from a ridiculous rush of hard-jamming, twisting, jumping, singing, screaming, wooing, spinning, shaking, hugging, pumping, exalted delirium from the one and only Rubblebucket Orchestra (commonly referred to as just Rubblebucket). This dynamic team of saxophones, trombones, synthesizers and guitars are lead by the beautiful Kalmia, whose confidence and talent had guys and girls hollering for her. My school loves the Bucket--we absolutely tore it up for them. They have performed six times at our campus now! There weren't any videos from our concert, but this was one from January 2011 that I actually attended with a whole crew of school friends, like a reunion upon my return from France! I can also see one of my friends dancing in this video!!
After their set, you can imagine that the energy rippling through us just simply could not translate to Ben Folds. I had too much fun. We went back to my house, took hot showers and then blared Rubblebucket and kept dancing to them for the rest of the night. It was such a turnaround from last year's Springfest disaster with Chiddy Bang not showing up, so I was glad everything worked out. 

I'm feeling so behind and tripped up in by life this early in the week... Saturday might as well have been a dream.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Moral Stomping Ground

Everything seemed purer in Florida (it was the white sand).

[spring break, march 2012.]

A Transformation We Seek


While on a fungal foray last week, we saw signs of spring in the form of scarlet caps and artist's conch and fiddlehead ferns and trout lillies.  Just as you think this world has grasped anew, two inches of wet snow sloshes in the sub-35 degree temperatures .  It seems that mother nature is hesitant to change, of letting go of what was, but shifting-- clamoring, for the break that will give way to something more.  And perceptibly better.