Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moving on, and up.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow U.S. citizens!
In my family we have lunch and then properly tend to our food comas through the afternoon.  I'm trying this Runner's World challenge where you run at least a mile between today and New Year's, so I was able to haul my butt off the couch for an grievous shuffle, but yeah, good pie and cheer with my siblings, nieces, nephews and parents.

I haven't blogged in so long.  I'm a fraud!  But I can barely keep up with my school work and as usual it's all just going to smack me in the face Sunday evening once I return.  I'm trying to take each day for the beauty that it is, because after a long winter break I'll be heading to Shanghai, China to study for the semester!!!  Since I haven't had a Facebook since last winter-- it made me quite sad when I was in France, actually-- I have no intent of reactivating it while I'm abroad.  So in order to share snipets of what I'm up to, I plan on bringing the blog back in full force.  This one's been all over the place so I might make a new blog, or even swtich to WordPress or Tumblr.  My posts will mainly be photo-based.  Any thoughts?

Take care everyone, and have a safe and happy holdiay.