Food Geeking

More often than not, my stomach is the guiding force of my life.  I'm interested in every facet of food: where it comes from, how the Top Chefs on Bravo prepare it, how to cook cheaply but deliciously on my own, how to host a dinner party, the best eats when I'm travelling, the history of food and its influence on culture, and ultimately how food is a gateway to the human experience.  Because hey, we all have to eat.

Among the ramblings of Loquaciousness, I track my food-oriented posts with ... well, the tag food.  I also wanted to lay it out a bit clearer here, whether it's my own cooking & social experiments (which I began labeling in August 2013 as the Cooking Chronicles) or restaurant reviews, both local and through my travels.  I apologize because some of the posts are not entirely food-focused, but please let me know if you delve into similar food adventures and want to drool over the magic of brown-butter.

Whipping up a lavender honey paste for a fig tart in Nice, France with Les Petits Farcis (Fall 2011)
Check out my gastronomy-themed research grant I pursued during my semester abroad in France!

Cooking Chronicles
My trials and tribulations in the kitchen, usually for a solo-dinner, but sometimes hosting 10.  Some posts include instructions, others link the recipes that I used.

Cleaning-out-the-cupboard Dinner Party
Curried Noodles & Vegetables
Reclaimed Meals
Days off = Roasted Chicken
An ode to oatmeal
Gushing about spinach

Blackberry Recipes
Brown-Butter Fruit Cake
Cinnamon Rolls
Mint Chocolate Brownies (from scratch!)

Food Destinations
Restaurants in the Greater Rochester, New York area and where ever else I end up (thank you, Mom & Dad, for picking up the bill).  Additional reviews can also be found on my Urbanspoon account here.
Maoz Vegetarian & Oasis for falafel - Times Square and Brooklyn in New York City
A-Wah & Pure Thai Cookhouse - Chinatown and Hell's Kitchen in New York City
Blue Glass Cafe - Boston, MA
Duckfat & the Flatbread Company - Portland, ME
Silly's With a Twist - Portland, ME
Ember Woodfire Grill - Livonia, NY
The Grainery - Naples, NY
Simply Crepes - Canandaigua, NY

Nicole Eats China
Demonstrating that Chinese cuisine is just as sizzling, diverse, questionable, and incessantly intriguing as its people.  Listed in reverse-chronological order from my five months of living there.
Fourth of July 2013 with PBR, Food Club, and chu'ar (spiced lamb skewers)
Spicy hairy tofu at Huangshan ... self-explanatory, right?
Cheesecake and Hamburgers because living in Shanghai is easy on the ex-pat stomach
Intro to Chinese Food with celebratory feasts and jiaozi (dumplings) from scratch

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