Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alone, but not really

1 1/2 pounds of butter + several hundreds of grams of sugar and chocolate + a few table spoons of crème de menthe liqueur = An intoxicatingly (yup, just made that word) delightful combination for the human senses, in the form of mint chocolate brownies.  With an electric beater they were deceptively simple to make, though next time I may tweak the butter ratio with applesauce and oil so I'm not heaving over in pain later.  BUT IT'S WORTH IT.  You can find the recipe here!
Yup, I baked those while my mom was playing bingo with other ladies (biddies, did you know, connotated older gossipy ladies, not necessarily the girls throwin' it down in booty skirts?) and my dad had his 'bachelor night' with a nice glass of Evan William's cherry reserve whiskey on the rocks.  I learn from the best.
I gave the smaller dish to my dad's aunt and uncle who now have moved into Florida down the street, and my parents and I are in the process of working on the big pan.  Happy Valentine's Day to us!

But more importantly:

I'm not a consistent viewer of Parks & Recreation but Amy Poehler rocks my world for establishing Galentine's Day.  I'm not hating on Saint Valentine, because he definitely had his heart in the right place, but this is also International Quirkyalone Day and simply.. another day.  I'm not rejecting the actual romance and sentiments expressed between lovers; just the gag-worthy, Hallmark couple-industrial complex that polarizes those with and those without 'someone special'.  There's also too much pressure to make grand statements on this day-- why can't we express love in our own way, on our own accord?  Maybe I'll change my mind if I ever have a particular Valentine that sweeps me off my feet.

I participated in a fair amount of self-love today with some new clothes, a solo trip to the movies (Warm Bodies, can't wait to gush about it), a delicious restaurant date with my parents and no guilt for eating the brownies above and ordering cheesecake from said restaurant.  After hugs and long-winded letters, love resonates with me most clearly through food; but that's another story.

So to demonstrate my own hypocrisy about overblown gestures: I'm making a grand blogging statement to the ladies of my life, near and far, that keep me sane while supporting my insanity.  Although I'm alone, I'm not really, thanks to my friendships with you.

Through the dances and tears, secrets and fears, the laughs we've shared, regardless of the time we've known each other, you all mean an inexpressible amount to me-- I have your backs, as I know you have mine.  For that alone, I couldn't feel more loved.  The main point the New York Mag and I agree upon is that we don't need Galentine's Day because we should celebrate friendship on a regular basis, but I am all for it today.  Love you, sistas!

To anyone else who's reading, I hope you had a beautiful day.  Don't forget to you love yourself, and that you are worth something special to your family, friends, the world and me for being such a great audience.  Cheers!

Listening: "Gone" by M83


Sara Louise said...

Galentine's Day is only the greatest idea of all time!
Hope you had a fantastic one :)

Allison said...

You are my favorite, and right now I am also loving your dad. He seems absolutely awesome, which is fitting because he has the most incredible (and beautiful) daughter ever!
Everything about this post is lovely - and honestly, I think you've captured what V-Day is supposed to be all about; just totally loving those in your life. You have some gorgeous friends, girl! (And you fit in with them perfectly). xox, dear friend!