Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beyonce Bowl and the Beach

I have a more positive rant on lady power tonight.
Yup, berate me as a complete hypocrite for watching two-thirds of the Superbowl on Sunday, but I have no shame because I was able to witness Beyoncé freakin' Giselle Knowles-Carter take over the world during the half time show.  BEHOLD:

Haters gon' hate, I know.  I'm scoffing at those who deny her talent (you try to be a multi-million dollar artist for over a decade, dancing that hard on the most-viewed stage in the world Sunday for 14 minutes), cry out at her exhibitionism (again, she needed to be dressed that way to dance, and what about the mid-drift, booty-skirted cheerleaders?!), and lack of class (she is a performer and damn did she put on a show) -- I don't want to hear it!
Did you see that her stage production was completely women, looking powerful, sexy and confident (though the two aren't always equated)?  And she shared her glory with her friends!  Kelly and Michelle were also marvelous, if only Destiny's Child would come back.  I could go on, but there's certainly enough of this around the web.  It was an exciting, dynamically executed performance that will now be the pick-me-up on days I'm feeling less than [Sasha] Fierce; if only I could make stadium lights burn out!  Jay-Z is one lucky man and my high school Beyoncé phase has definitely been reaffirmed.

Other than that, nothing too wild going on in this Florida-world.  We went to an outdoor market that's held every weekend in Punta Gorda right outside the county court house.  It was small but had a great balance of farm produce with local crafts and specialty products-- like a cupcake van and European baked goods!  That morning my parents and I went to a pancake breakfast and I drew the 50-50 raffle ticket, which happened to be my mom's (she was thrilled because she never wins those kinds of things), and we made out with $80!  Then at the market, she let me buy a jar of tupelo honey and honey chèvre imported from France.  Snacks and salads these days have never tasted so good :)

 And here we have the causeway leading to Sanibel, an island strip on the Gulf side of Charlotte Bay.  You have to pay a small toll to cross the bridge, but before the island there are roadside beaches.  We pulled over and soaked in the sun on the bay side, I dozed off and eventually we switched to the breezier Gulf side for another repose.

  I like to think of Florida of having no rules (even though there are countless more than the existence I'm used to, but whatever) and this absolutely extends to my clothing.  One reason is because I only brought select articles from my closet at home, though the main reason is because I don't care too much.  I try to stay comfortable more than anything because I find sweating that isn't exercise-instigated severely uncomfortable.  Here I'm wearing a fluorescent peach top with mesh on the neckline, which I bought in Boston on impulse and subsequent regret because the day before I was just saying how I don't do highlighter colors.  Hence, this was my first outing with this shirt, rather than a weekend dance party I was envisioning.  And the overalls, oh this wonderful Target find!  I remember my mom waiting outside the dressing room, and when I chose these over a pair of cargo pants her skepticism was clear.  Yet three years later, they are my adventure-alls that I've hand- embroidered with colored thread and danced my way through the day and night.  And yes I know, they are complete man-repelling status and make me look 10.  I don't consider myself a hat person, but I top it all off with a wide brim, woven cowboy's hat.  It gives lovely shielding from the harsh sun.  My sandals are my fourth pair of the same style from another obscure beach store down here, and the rubbery-plastic can withstand anything.  Except my own stupidity when it comes to weekend debauchery (Asia Night. No further explanation needed).  

It's ridiculous, but somehow works.  Like life, right?
(the mandatory 'in the water back-facing contemplating the beauty' pic)
Hope you're having a beautiful week so far!

Listening: "Ten Cent Pistol" by The Black Keys

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Allison said...

First off, yessss Black Keys! What a great album :)
Beyonce is my queen. I seriously do not care what anyone says, she is perfect and I love her. That Single Ladies video still gives me chills.
You could not be more adorable - I LOVE that you're wearing shortalls and pulling them off. That takes some SERIOUS skill, girl. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and I'm seriously beyond jealous that you're in sunny weather while I'm braving effing Nemo. But I adore you, so it's jealousy in a good way ;)
Seriously, wear more hats too, because you are clearly a hat person! :) xox