Monday, February 11, 2013


So Grace Potter & the Nocturnals performed at my college last night.  It's her band's 10th anniversary and she attended St. Lawrence for two years, while co-founder Matt Burr is an alum.  Apparently everyone was drunkenly crazed for the sold-out, Sunday night show in the old field house!  I'm not surprised, and it sounds like a riot!  If you haven't listened to Grace yet, you should look up her song "Stars" which was on the sound track for the Disney movie Tangled.
While 1,500 miles south, I was watching the Grammy's.  This is not a pity party, I swear; I'm definitely making the best of things.  I spent the day with my parents and relatives from Ohio who just bought a house down here, and we went kayaking with the manatees again.  I paddled more closely to them this time, like the adorable, 4 foot, 60 pound baby manatee that bobbed up and down in the shallow waters.  Regarding the Grammy awards, hell yeah to the Black Keys for winning 3 from the rock genre.  I commend Jack White too, for remaining his grizzly, no fucks rock n' roll self.  I was also pleased to see that no one really 'swept' the awards across the board.. that tends to be boring.  My favorite part was Bruno Mars' performance of "Locked Out of Heaven" that morphed into a Bob Marley tribute with Sting, Rhianna, Ziggy and Damian Marley.  (Sorry not sorry for the pop culture reviews, but that's what happens when you have an extra three weeks of winter break and an accessible television :B)

I was delighted on Friday to receive a huge photo order from an iPhone app called Postal Pix!  I printed over a year's worth of photos, in 2x2" square format, regular 4x6" and even a collage.  I'm a complete photo junkie, so I love that these memories are finally tangible.  Although they have to come down next week, the photos are now displayed in my bedroom with string, tape and paper clips.  Now I can clear up my phone memory for more photography in China..!

And coming soon to a mail box near you... painted post cards! :)
Along with some emotions on paper.  I may continue this as a series.

I just finished this canvas board acrylic on Saturday.  It was inspired by a sketch from freshman year studio art, referencing the natural, stylism of Japonisme.
 "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa", a wood block print by Japanese artist Hokusai  c. 1829-1830.
Still ruminating on a title for this one!

As much as I try to resist the temptations of purchasing new clothes --I already have enough clothing and a certain guilt for the social and environmental costs of consumerism (off shore outsourcing to underpaid workers in tax-evading corporate zones, also known as EPZs ... and that's why when I frequent thrift stores for clothing, because the products are recycled to someone else who may love them, rather than a dump or contributing to further production) -- I went shopping today.  It's particularly counter-intuitive at this point because I'm travelling and the majority of clothes are manufactured in China anyway!
Socially conscious irony aside, I went to Target for tights and came out with two polyester/spandex dresses that actually are quite flattering, at my mother's urging ("I'll buy it for Valentine's Day and if you ever have a job you'll need new clothes" -- thanks, Mom).  Oh, and three pairs of tights.  According to style guides online, the Shanghai ladies are quite stylish and opt for skirts with tights instead of jeans, even in the winter.  I gravitated towards tights frequently when I was in France so that should be fun.  These dresses are of the same design but different pattern, and they have a lot of potential since I didn't own a LBD, and I probably wouldn't have picked out the abstract blue pattern on my own.  That places always wins me over.
I'll kick myself in a few months if these dresses aren't worn, but I think I've become a better trained, selective shopper.  Some day I hope my self-esteem is secure regardless of what I'm wearing; but for now, the clothes bolster my confidence on its way.

Listening: "Blood Bank" by Bon Iver

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Natalie DiCenzo said...

Hey Nicole! Sorry I've been really terrible at commenting as of late, but I'm super glad that you're back to blogging pretty regularly.

Ahh. The Postal Pix collage thing looks so cool. I kind of want to do a thing like that. And all of the post cards are so pretty. And so are those dresses! You can never go wrong with a little black one.