Friday, February 1, 2013

Surf and (in)Sanity

So I'm in central-Western Florida now. Three weeks to go until China.
My parents are spending their second winter down here and I've nestled right back in with my three fluffy dogs.

We went to a manatee park!  
Actually it's a heating plant and their filtered water comes out into a reservoir  so the manatees gather there when the Gulf is too cold.  I've heard there's been hundreds there before!  I've only seen a dozen or two.  My pops and I rented a 2-person kayak and paddled out to visit those adorably humongous sea cows.  They're actually a lot harder to spot at water-level, like giant brown blobs... but we were close to a few that came up for air!  They make hilarious snorting noises with their whisker-covered snouts, sometimes splashing up their wide, paddle tails as they roll.  I want one!

I really don't want this to come off as complaining about Florida while the majority of my friends and family are shivering in New York, but I'm kind of bored.  And lonely.  I'm no longer applying for the research grant that I've been all in a hype about, so it's back to square one with internships and my hunt for summer opportunities away from home.  However, I'm trying to stay busy -- combating my own thoughts, working on gaining a tan, trying to run and swim, reading, blogging (yay!), painting, not studying Chinese (ugh) and rollerblading.  Ah, the blades!  Those have been my savoir repose; the nearly zen concentration it takes with every push, trying not to fall, nor be hit by a silent on-coming golf cart.  There's a lot of startled elderly folks in the community, along with wistful ladies who told me they used to rollerblade, but are now too fearful of breaking their ankles.  
Here's to profiting from our youth before it escapes us!
(Only thing is my lower back and legs become sore after a while.  Damn tibial anteriors!)

We went to Boca Grande Beach on Wednesday -- it's the best!
Spectacular views, white sand, pretty sea shells and waves in every shade of blue.  We went to a restaurant a couple dozen meters away, you know with surf views, and I had the most incredible salad.  I normally don't bother ordering dressed-up lettuce at restaurants, but this salad had seared scallops, slices of mango and avacado, pecans, craisins, cherry tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese a top a bed of field greens.

I probably lost you a while back, but basically, I love food way too much and it is wonderful having my mom take me grocery shopping so I can cook.

Although I miss you all and what I'm missing right now, you definitely don't have to feel sorry for me.

Listening: "The Human Condition" by Jhameel.  I'm worried I'm going to over-listen all my good music before I leave D: Give me a shout if you have any recommendations or CDs/flash drives you want to send my way..!

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