Saturday, March 19, 2011

You know it's bad news when...

the clothes that used to be your loose ones are becoming snug. D:

On the upside, I guess I can't feel bad about shopping for new ones.
 From Target, I bought a pair of bleach-denim short overalls.  Kitschy and a throwback to second grade, yes, but I'm determined to bring them back once it's warm.  A lot of the boots were on clearance so I bought a stormy blue pair which also seem fitting for spring.  At the Salvation Army, almost all the objects are half off, so I bought a tye-dye tank top, a polka dot button-up, a lightweight forest green suede jacket and a denim full-zip jumper dress.  All I had was spring on the mind :).

My parents said I looked like Daisy May from Dukes of Hazzard :P.  The photo with the tank top, those are Bermuda shorts with suspenders that I made a few years ago.  The striped cardigan I'm wearing with the dress and boots is also a previous Salvo purchase.
But of course, only in New York would it be sixty degrees for two days and then drop thirty in 12 hours and be snow flurry-ing the next morning.  And we missed the epically close moon because of the chronic cloud cover.  Did anyone see it?!

Besides gaining weight throughout the week, I did some experimenting in the kitchen!  I made cabbage and carrot curry with rice vermicelli noodles, which wasn't difficult at all but exotic and fun to eat nonetheless.
The cut up half a head of a small cabbage, a small onion and five or six carrots, and as you can see, it filled a huge frying pan.  I had leftovers for three days and gave the rest to one of my friends last night!  I sauteed the onion in some oil then added the carrots and cabbage with half a can of vegetable broth.
The spices I used were a basic Indian curry powder (I'm sure there's more eclectic and expensive mixes, but this was on sale), cumin, turmeric, ground red pepper and some salt.  It smelled like heaven! 
I simmered the vegetables with the lid on for about 15 minutes before I added the noodles.  One thing I need to remember is to check the moisture while it's simmering so the dish doesn't become too dry.
The rice noodles came in a big bundle at Wegmans for $2.  I soaked them in warm water before adding to the vegetables, but next time I'll cut them so they're easier to move around and stir.  And eat.


And finally, on this last day of Spring Break, I received some thrilling news in the mail:
I have been accepted to study abroad in Rouen, France next fall :D.

It seems like I'm always talking about this place, but I can't contain my excitement.  I was there a year ago too, by the way; so many memories.


Allison said...

Omg, you are too cute for words, dear Nicole! I love all the things you bought - I would look terrible in them, but you look chic and adorable.
YUM x10000 to the cabbage and carrot curry! That looks incredible, and I love that it's vegetarian, which I'm trying to steer towards.
AND OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR ACCEPTANCE! I am so proud of you, sweet girl! How absolutely thrilling - you are going to have the most amazing time ever (and I am ridiculously jealous of you and all the experiences you're going to have). xox

Natalie said...

I love the polka dots! SO CUTE. And your boots and cardigan and such. :) Ugh, the same thing happened with the weather here though actually... two days it was sixty then yesterday it dropped back to freezing temps. Lame.

Mmmmmm, all of the food you've been making sounds so delicious! I just wish I had any cooking ability whatsoever, haha... I guess I'll have to learn sooner or later...

AND YAY! CONGRATS ON BEING ACCEPTED! I knew you would be. :D That's AMAZING! And so exciting... it sounds like it will be the adventure of a lifetime, again! Hehehe.