Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, what to do.

I wouldn't mind packing up and strutting off towards the mountains at the moment.

It has been an atrociously long time since I've blogged! That always seems to be the case when I return to school, I fall off the blogging- and television-watching-boat. The former is more saddening.
I have to admit though, I love college.
My schedule has not been inherently stressful until this point, where we are a 1 1/2 weeks from Spring Break. It's bemusing-- a March Spring Break. I hope that the snow and ruddy season transition weather decides to blow through while we're gone. I can't wait for spring! I am finally running outside again (since Sunday!), realizing that I don't have to be a hamster around the indoor track to save my legs, as long as I avoid treacherously uneven footing; i.e., slush and rough ice. I am invigorated being outside, wearing a headband and finding dirt splotches on my leggings, sucking in cold air and at least starting out the run with my team.
I'm not going to assume a date for when I will participate in the workouts again. Hell, I don't even know what the four-week outdoor track season is going to result in. I spent the entire indoor season walking-jogging and helping rather than competing at the meets, but it's not like I'm disparaged. Just accepting.
Another note that's buzzing around campus is the housing selection process. Our randomized lottery numbers were delivered in the campus mail boxes today and it's basically a rite of passage that many rising sophomores are, sorry for the lack of a better term, shafted during the housing process. That's mainly because it goes in hierarchical order. Hahaha I honestly cannot comprehend how my lottery number is 624 because our class only has 616 students!
Well, I am somewhat assured that this defunct set of digits is inconsequential because I have applied to study abroad next fall. Where, through which program?
To the France program that involves host stays in Rouen and Senegal! No big surprise there, haha.
My heart is sewn there; I'm a self-declared Francophile, I'll probably expatriate from this country one day (...just kidding). Though there are many more opportunities as a collegiate exchange student, that of which I need to take advantage of.
So if I am accepted into the program, I will no longer be concerned with fall semester housing at this school.
If I am rejected from the program, it will be the biggest fml of 2011 thus far.

Clearly I have a lot of ramble about. I'm going to post soon about different things I have learned in my classes, sort of to reassert to myself that I am learning here, and I am becoming more intellectual. Maybe it attaining knowledge becomes more effortless when you aren't coerced into it. Who knows.

I'm procrastinating on a take home test!!! Some things just never change. I have to go.
Have a nice night, whoever is reading this :)

p.s. Finally figured out why Blogger wasn't pulling up on my Firefox Beta, so now I can easily blog once more! YES YES YESSSS


Anonymous said...

Nicole, I love you. This is your best red headed friend Kwisten :) hehe. Every time I read this -- IT BLOWS MY MIND AWAY. I'm best friends with a genius. A frickin GENIUS. I love you, sounds like all is going well. Talk to you soon my love <3

Natalie said...


Yay for spring! I'm still way too much of a wimp to run outside right now... even if it is getting warm I'm just so used to the treadmill! But track season starts next week, so, I guess I'll be forced to... Good luck starting with the workouts and everything! And try to not slip! O:

You got stuck with 624 out of 616? Ummm... haha. But yes, that is so amazing that you could be studying abroad in France! I should have known. :) I remember those were some of the first posts of yours that I read way back when, about your first trip there. I'm sure you will be accepted. :D

Wow, sorry this comment has so many smiley faces and exclamation points... I guess I was just excited to read this haha.

Olive said...

So glad to have you back!
The new blog design is awesome. I don't blame you at all for having trouble blogging, it's so hard to squeeze in with school, and especially if you're as busy at school as someone like you :P. That's awesome that you're involved in the literary magazine, as an editor no less :). Hahah I'm glad someone can relate to my mole issue, Ivan is actually gone as well, he didn't survive the fight but he had the endurance to crawl down into the burrow to die.
I envy you for running outside already, I prefer it so much too, but the city locale isn't really suited for it, I mean there are places, but I'm afraid of the sidewalks because I've almost busted my rear by simply walking recently.. :P
The France Program sounds perfect for you! You'll get in, I'm sure of it. A semester abroad, that'd be so awesome. Definitely worth getting the lower pickings of the residence halls, for sure. Hang in there and get through this week--and enjoy your SPRING BREAK :D!

♥ Olive

Allison said...

I've missed you very much, dear friend! I understand the struggle to balance school, life and blogging all at once. Even now, I still get into these ruts where I have no freaking idea what to blog about.
Omg, I am so jealous that you are at the point where you're figuring out where to study abroad - take every advantage of this! The France program sounds 100% perfect for you, my dear! (And seriously, if you go, I am SO coming over to visit you). I will be crossing my fingers hard core for you - you really deserve all the best and the most positive things from your college experience.
I really have missed you! Please, please let me know if you need any advice or ANYTHING - even just someone to vent to. I'm always here for you, my friend! xox

Justin said...

<3 you Nicole! You have SUCH an eloquent writing style. The Blog looks awesome :)