Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Strongly worded letters

Last night/this morning:

Dear drunk guys outside my door,

Why are you here right now. 
It is 2:45 in the goddamn night morning.  And you're all drunk, and hollering-- on a Tuesday!!!
No, the guy you're banging on the door for probably was sleeping like the rest of us.  No, he doesn't care that you brought your bikes upstairs with you.  Yes, other people on this floor are now awake and pissed and yes, someone called security on you.
And screw you for tearing down the calendar that our Community Assistant had so painstakingly made.

Best regards,
Peeved me.

Right now:

Dear residents next door,

Please stop banging or thumping or dribbling or hitting or whatever you're doing that's coming through all the walls.  They're quite thin and I'm tired and my roommate is trying to sleep.

Yours truly,
I should go to bed now too.

Hahahaha.  Dorm life.
I guess it's not as big of a deal as it sounds... I just love writing concise letters like that to random people :).
Otherwise, it has been a terrific first week back; I've been pro-active on my work, there's environmental speakers for Climate Change week, I learned how to make crane oragami for World Languages week and as a fundraiser for Japan relief, I ran my first hill workout Monday and speed/tempo workout today since October and even though it's still freezing, my bike is out!  
There are bikes everywhere, it's a beautiful thing.


Natalie said...

Oh man, I can only imagine how obnoxiously loud it must get at times living in the dorms.... Definitely excited for that, especially since I'm an extremely light sleeper! Hahaha. :P But I am glad to hear that despite noisy neighbors you are having splendid first week back to school and all. :)

Anonymous said...

quit whining, there are worse things in life. You bother people all the time and u don't hear them complaining.

Nicole Linette said...

It's true, and I tried to have some humor about it. But this is my blog and I intend on continuing to write what I wish.

Anonymous said...

youth is the time to make mistakes.