Monday, March 14, 2011

Benign Line

These are a few assignments I did in Studio Art from my cell phone camera.  Even though my meets twice a week, the scheduled block is for three hours a class.  We practiced intensively with line, doing contour exercises, hand gestures and examining different qualities and mediums for making line.  It's fun experimenting with how you can draw a line and convey a particular emotion or personality, much as our personal signatures do.
For the project below, I used a blue ink calligraphy pen and wrote hundreds of Chinese characters to make implied lines, thus creating a scene.  It's a mountain scape scene referencing the artistry and literature emerging from the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907 A.D.). 
By not connecting all the forms and leaving the characters floating, I wanted to create a mystical quality.  Obviously there are Earth elements portrayed, but if the wind blows strongly enough, perhaps the characters would just lift up and be carried away.  I also created a Gestalt image of a phoenix rising-- can you see it?

No, unfortunately I am not that literate at Mandarin Chinese yet.  These characters are from Tang Dynasty poems that I found on the internet :B.

Currently: Getting ahead on Chinese character writing homework while watching The Young Victoria.

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Jocelyn said...

oooh I like it! Are you going into art, or just taking an art class? I am jealous! Those are beautiful. I wish i could speak another language, you may not have perfected it quite yet, but hey you're several huge steps in front of me!