Saturday, March 5, 2011

We've Only Just Begun

Is it bad that I live for the weekends?

I just prefer the unstructured time to do whatever I please and see my friends because classes and practice don't make us unavailable! Once Thursday afternoon classes were out, I was free. Friday was spectacular-- I don't think I've been in that good of a mood in ages. I went for a run at 8:15 even though I didn't have class until noon, and the sun was scintillating. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the warm rays that kept me radiating with happiness.
After Chinese class I went to the International House (which is actually just a few design
ated hallways in one of the nicer dorms) for a Chinese Culture Club meeting. It's only a few girls, including some of my Chinese lab TA's, and we began discussing different activities and meeting times. After realizing that all things we're interested in doing (cooking food, watching movies, learn Mahjong, etc.) were similar to that of The Joy Luck Club, we changed our group name! So once we finalize our constitution, we'll lobby for organizational status under that name.
I'm trying to take advantage of embracing my ethnic heritage! I decided that my goal for the group is that by junior year we will have enough impact on campus and funding to take trips to Chinatown in Ottawa :).

Later that night my friends and I went to an African Drumming circle!! This guy is an expert in West African drumming and dance, and he a truckload of drums and instruments to try. We learned that the djembe orchestra is structured like a family-- the poppa bass drums, the momma middle tones and the baby slaps. Similarly, each drum itself has three ranges of tones depending on where you strike it. We learned different rhythm patterns and even attempted singing, which
was hilariously incoherent. There was some freestyle jamming at the end and we just had this circle of life beat pulsating through our giddy hands and minds.
After that we went to a concert that one of the organizations/theme houses called Java organizes at their venue referred to as the Java Barn (except it's more like a psychedelically painted warehouse). There's a band performance or student music act there basically every week. It's not everyone's scene, but for me, going there all the time has increased my likening for reggae. The Heavy Pets were last night's performers. Even when they were transitioning between songs, they were still tight and had a really good vibe. The drummer could do some sick vocal beat-boxing too! I love dancing and just losing myself in the music with everyone else around me.
Today, the sun has been lost to the forlorn sky of rain. I have been sitting in a comfortable chair with some of my XC/track friends since... 11:30 after I had brunch. HA! I think I've finished a reasonable amount of homework, but obviously my blogging here isn't helping and listening to them debate indoor racing teams. Thank goodness for Sunday, except I'm doing a mini-road trip in the afternoon with a group from another class to conduct interviews and field research. We're researching Poverty in America, more specifically the North Country, so it's essential to have some primary sources.
I always have this inkling fear that I won't have enough time to finish anything, but somehow I find a way to pull it off; I need to just save myself the stress.

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend; I LOVE Saturday! Talk to you soon!


Natalie said...

Hurrah for embracing your ethnic heritage! :D Learning about and celebrating your culture sounds like a lot of fun. I wish there was an Italian Culture Club where we could all just sit around and eat pizza and pasta all day or something... but I guess that's not quite the same. ;D The African drumming performance sounds so fascinating, and the concert sounds like it was fun too! It definitely seems like you've got a jam packed with awesome weekend going on. Just don't procrastinate too long. :)

Eeshie said...

That concert looks/sounds really fun! And I LOVE Saturdays, so you're not alone there lol.