Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in the Ice Box

Way up North, where the air is cold
I'm back at SLU for the second semester, doin' what I'm told :).
Studio art, Chinese and News From The Bottom Up today. Being the first day, not much was done aside from reviewing syllabi, though Wednesday I have two quizzes. It's splendid being back into the swing of things, but frostbite warnings and fighting for a bike in the gym isn't as great. What have you been up to?


Natalie said...

Gosh, it's absolutely freezing here, too! But woo, it sounds like your second semester is off to a good start. While you're getting back into things, make sure you stay warm and drink lots of hot cocoa. :)

Allison said...

It was seriously -3 today when I woke up! RIDICULOUS. Make sure you completely bundle up, you don't want to lose any fingers! It sounds like you're taking some very fun classes - good luck with them! (I have no doubts you'll be amazing - you are ridiculously smart and dedicated).
Stock up on coffee and soup, girl! xox

Jocelyn said...

ugh... I thought utah was cold! But this winter is so weird! Global warming is screwing everything up! It was 40 today that's like super warm! I almost wore shorts. Perhaps tomorrow?

Good luck with your classes! and Knit yourself some cute socks ;)

Olive said...

This cold weather is crazy, I bet it's especially bad up there.. I liked the little rhyme in the bginning, haha ;). Break's over for us now, your classes sound interesting though. Ugh, getting dibs on the equipment is such a hassle.. it almost makes me not want to exercise, bu I continue to go and 'exercise' my patience as well.. :P.