Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cookin' up Conflict

My German exchange sister from last year sent a Christmas package for me! It arrived today filled with splendid surprises: Lindt chocolate truffles, ornate dangling earrings, a notebook and special ink pens that the students of Germany use in schools! It was really sweet of her to think of me. People underestimate the power of the long-forgotten post, whether it's a gift or written scribbles on an index card.

I'm here at home, still trying to occupy myself during this interminable break. I still have 3 weeks and I'm beginning to resent this town. My parents and their belligerence has prevented me from going out with my friends tonight, and some thieving scum at my former high school stole my phone Monday! I was there in the art room painting, minding my own business, and then it was gone!! We searched like mad, top to bottom through the clutter of that class room. I didn't want to assume that it was stolen, but after checking the phone activity online, the random downloads indicated that this was the case :(.
Due to the utter misfortune and reckless
naïveté that encompasses my life, my phone has been deactivated for eternity. Nevertheless, my sister graciously gave me one of her old ones to reactivate. It's just irritating though, would you agree? I never felt angry or panicked, simply baffled and disappointed. I don't know why someone would feel compelled to steal another's phone, or anything, and apparently I can't even feel comfortable with my own belongings in a high school class room.
It's not that I doubt the human nature, just the nature of the jackass kids in this town.

To combat boredom, I've been channeling my inner bohemian artist with those forementioned painting supplies that I bought following Christmas! I used this picture of my friend and I with New Year's (it's honestly sparkling grape juice--we thought we would be witty :P) and threw together a mixed-media mini-portrait.

Voila! I painted on newspaper clippings of words that allude to rebellion, partying and the pitfalls of excessive drinking, but I emphasized the phrase pure theatrics to indicate that this picture isn't us, just a satirical act :). The little words that drift off the canvas are 2011s; I have titled this Happy New Year.

Hope you're all keeping busy and chipper!
Watching: Top Chef All-Stars (loveloveLOVE)


Natalie said...

That's so nice of your German exchange sister to think of you! It's must be so lovely to find a package for yourself in the mail from a long lost friend, hehe. :)

Man, that sucks that someone stole your phone... It's easy to forget that people are capable of this kind of crap until it happens to you, right? :P At least that's what it was like when someone stole my running shoes.

Nothing like a work of art to ring in the new year! I like it a lot. :D

Olive said...

Kudos to us with our cameras, paints, and guitars :). It's so nice to be on break and feel like I actually have time to be creative, as you said, time just flies at school. I'm hoping to make it better next semester, we'll see how that endeavor goes. Hahah, I hope that your guitar helps you "chill out" as your pops phrased so awesomely :D.
Aw, the care package was so nice! It feels great to get something in the mail, knowing that someone was thinking of you--especially when they're all the way over in Germany! Cute card :), and those pens are wicked cool too.
Noooooo.... ugh :/ Can I just say that I can't stand scumbags.. I'm so sorry Nicole.. Wow.. I don't get why people do the idiotic, selfish things that they do.. It's so sad to realize that you have to be so cautious and protective of your belongings..what's wrong with the world?
On a happier note,I LOVE LOVE freaking LOVE your artwork! You're right in tune with that inner bohemian artist ;D!! That was a really creative idea, especially to tie it in with New Years and how belligerently drunk people get. I spent my New Years Eve sober as well :). Anyways, I like how you photographed the making of the piece and I love the final product. Very cool! You make me tempted to buy paints.. :P.
I hope things are going well for you! And I agree, we can bring ourselves back, I know we can :D. I remember you writing about your stress fractures.. that must've been awful.. I hope your second semester treats you better!