Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your Love is Out

Another day on the bike! I resumed my stress fracture recovery track workout: 400 meters walking, 800 jogging then another 400 walking. I went on the outdoor track because it's glorious today and I don't know how long it will last. I wore shorts and my shades to class as if it were the end of summer and not October, having a great day and feeling likr a champ. After practice here I have a lab for Chinese (yeah language labs are mandatory though helpful at the elementary and intermediate levels) then I'll eat and at 8:30 I have to watch a movie with my French class. Sooo no legitamite down time until possibly after 10, but before practice I caught up on Project Runway with my friend Annie.

Mental decompression is necessary, less you want an evening breakdown.

Oh, did I mention that I went to Montreal Sunday to see 3OH!3 with Down With Webster, Hellogoodbye and Neon Hitch? It's a terrific city and under 2.5 hours away, so going to that concert was realistic and a BLAST! Nonetheless, the French Canadians were rude, snobby assholes. Hopefully I'll go to Montreal again to explore some more!

Ohmygod I sweat so much..


natalie said...

NICOLE! <3 Hello hello helloooo. :)

Oh no! You have stress fractures in BOTH shins?! That's terrible! ): A guy on my team developed a stress fracture in his hip, so now he can't run in states... I hope your bike workouts continue going well though.

Project Runway is such an addiction... Who do you want to win? I think I'm pro-Mondo, personally. :D But wow, the concert must have been absolutely incredible!

Allison said...

Uhmmm, I"ve missed you terribly!
Omg, I hope your stress fracture is healing properly - take it easy, girl!
What movie did you watch with your French class? (Was it a French film? - If you haven't seen Amelie, go rent it ASAP!). I adore French film, that's why I ask :)
I loveddd Mondo, and Andy but HATED Gretchen - ironic, huh?
Anyway, seriously, I've missed you a ton, ton, ton!