Monday, November 1, 2010

The Witching Hour

First day of November, and a chilly one at that. I knew October would pass quickly, but I finally am going to be 18 this Thursday!!! I have two classes and practice, then I work hockey game concessions Friday and Saturday night, yet I swear I'm going out to do something fun to celebrate! Thankfully at this point I have some amazing friends who are eager to go out as well. We'll see how this week pans out :).

So Friday I spent the night in Syracuse at a XC teammate's house because us and the other girls who aren't in the top echelon of runners went to Hobart & William Smith College to watch our girls race. Besides that both the men and women's teams won the Liberty League by a long shot, my parents came out to watch Saturday because the race course is a mere 45 minutes from home! It's odd seeing my parents and leaving them; my mother still maintains her typical neurotic worrying, while my Dad always emphasizes how much he misses me. I call them pretty much everyday. My mom also gave me a loaf of zuchinni bread and cookies!

It was only 6:15 when we arrived nack at St. Lawrence. Obviously I missed Friday night's Halloween festivities, but I wasn't going to skip Saturday! I was in a dilemma for a costume because I did not do ANY previous preparation, though with the gracious help of various friends, I became.. A lax bro!!!!
Hahahaha yup, I was bro-in' it out as a lacrosse playa as all the girls wore as little as possible; the one night looking like a skank is acceptable!
Here's one of my girl Ally and I:

So while everyone around me was pregaming and mixing drinks, I held strong and sober. The cross-country teams make a collective decision for a dry season at the end of September every year, and this is law until Nationals (beginning of Thanksgivig break). Basically if you drink during this period, you're kicked off the team. However, I have not had this much fun in ages! Various clubs sponsored an outdoor tent party and an indoor rave, and I was just able to ley loose with indiscriminate dancing and happiness-- while also being perfectly coherent and used by everyone else's drunken fiascos. I was mostly impressed by the campus wide enthusiasm; I believe I saw every costume imaginable!
[If you're reading this sans photos, check my Facebook! Tonight I'll update the post with images.]

I slept over in my friend Ally's room and Sunday we worked allllllllll day. Now it's Monday evening and I have lab right after my practice here, then three papers to write. But I'm satisfied about the weekend. Here's to all the high feelings that will pull be through the week! :D


natalie said...

18! You're old, hahaha. :) That's amazing though. Happy almost birthday!

Zuchinni bread and cookies sounds yumyumyummy indeed! I wish my mom could bake deliciousness like that.

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious about your costume as a dece lax player. :D It definitely sounds like you still had a great Halloween, all while still managing to stay sober for cross country. *high five!*

Allison said...

Happpyyyy birthday (a little early), sweet Nicole! :) I hope you have a fabulous celebration!
Yummmm - my mom made tons of homemade zucchini bread too (with chocolate chips), and it was too good for words! I'm sure it was nice to have a taste of home.
I'm really impressed that you had so much fun at a party where you were one of the few sober ones. Not drinking when everyone else seems to be getting 100% wasted, is definitely not easy, but it will also definitely help you not gain the freshman 15! (Seriously, wait and see how all these people are going to totally balloon out from constant binge drinking).
You're too cute - and seriously, I hope you have a perfect birthday, sweetie!

Olive said...

NICOLE!!!! ♥
It's so good to hear from you, I've missed blogging with you! I'm glad for the campus wi-fi and hope you continue to use blogger to pass the time on your bike. So sorry about your shins :(... that seems like such an inconvenience, a painful one at that.
The college experience is going pretty well for me, I have an awesome roommate, my classes aren't too bad(I actually enjoy a few of them ;)) and I love the independence. I'm starting to hit a patch where I'm questioning it all though--what I really want to do with my life, and freaking out about how much money is going towards educating myself in an uncertain direction--and I'm starting to miss home and get sick of the work, but hopefully it will pass. It sounds like you're having a great time though, meeting wonderful people :). Being the sober one among a group of drunks can be trying, I've had a few nights like that, but kudos to you for still going out and having fun! I like your lax bro get up too!
I hope you're having a fabulous birthday, your first one in college, so exciting! Please fill us in later ;D Happy Eighteenth!!

♥ Olive