Friday, November 5, 2010

Favourite Food

"Let the sugar melt down your throat, 'cause you know it's sweet getting old."
- "Favourite Food", Tokyo Police Club

I had a spectacular 18th birthday.
I was actually awake the first two hours, finishing a paper on globalization!! No worries though, I was with my best friend here, then my best friend from home called and finishing the paper was my first accomplishment as an adult :D. I went to bed soon there after, to be woken around 7:40 to these odd scratching noises. Then my roommate came over and tapped me, with terror in her eyes and whispered, "What is that noise?!" I didn't know for sure, but I told her it was probably one of my friends taping a sign on the door.
An hour and a half later when I woke up for real, I discovered a lovely drawn card and tons of chocolates on the door. Hahaha and I told that friend the paranoia she inspired. It was a very sweet gesture nonetheless!
So throughout the day I recieved happybirthdays and compliments on my bright dress thag contradicted the dank weather of the day. My friend Ally and I rode our bikes into town after class and she treated me to lunch at the lovely Blackbird Cafe. We had more class but I finished my homework for today early in order to enjoy the day. Practice was annoying because my teammate and I couldn't find any open bikes, yet we had a great time passing around paper hearts in a team circle to give anonymous love. Mine was filled with comments on positvity, smiling and being a generally happy person.
I ate dinner with my team and made a deelicious oreabanananut sundae! Then I reconvened with my friends and we jammed into the crowded student center to watch Inception. I hadn't watched it since the drive-in over the summer and I was STOKED. Haha, trippiest 2 1/2 hours of my life :D.
Ahhhh so to my absentminded dismay, I lost two of the bday cardsmy friend gave me. Left them SOMEWHERE, but I always forget things like that :\. Bahh, it's an adult skill I need to work on.
So I pretty much went to bed at the end of my eighteenth birthday, still floating from all the love. Even though Facebook is superficial and non-commitmal, I truly adored all the wall posts. Thanks to everyone for the wishes!!!

I'm back on the bike this morning, practicing now instead of at 3 because I have to work the hockey game concessions. Life is hectic, it takes a lot of effort, but damn it sure feels good to be an adult. :)


natalie said...

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! :) It sounds like you had a fantastic day filled with wonderfulness, hehe. Especially with that combination of yummyness of a sundae... YUMMY! And yes, Inception was pretttty much the most epic movie ever, haha. Yaaaay!

Allison said...

Happyyy belated birthday, sweetie! :) I'm so glad that your day was so perfect (and you're an adult now, yayy!).
It sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate -- and it also sounds like you have absolutely amazing friends. Take advantage of all the birthdays amongst your friends in college - those are some of my FAVORITE memories!
P.S. I still have not seen Inception. Wtf is wrong with me!? (J screwed me over this summer and blew off plans with me to see it with his friends -- I heard that was not a movie you want to see with someone who has already seen it!).
Love ya sweetie, hope all is still will! xox