Friday, November 12, 2010


Artic slivers of the air
Our deepest hopes, dreams
Whispr'ing softly in your ear.

Mmm yup, that is the extent of my poetic prowess :). Here at the gym, bright and early on a Friday before my French class. I decided to bike and take off after my legs burned so much Wednesday. Mulan is immensely entertaining in Mandarin, by the way! These actors even try to personify the same vpices as the original ones.
Yesterday after class, Ally and I grabbed our rusty, too-large hockey skates and hit up the arena for open-skate. I'm terrible-- really tense and slow-- but I did not fall once after not being on the ice in several years! I worked up a sweay quickly, it really was a great way to diversify the afternoon. I had a blast, and I'm going to keep practicing through the end of the year :D.
Did you participate in any random activities as of late?

I am exhausted. I need to put a time limit on my computer use; I have spent wayyy too much time on the internet! Haha I may sleep after class is out at one, then off to do concessions at the hockey game tonight. Though for the rest of you, have a terrific start to the weekend!


natalie said...

Skating sounds like fun! :D Even if you aren't exactly the next Michelle Kwon, I'm glad you still had a blast haha. And oh I know, I really need to limit my internet usage as well. It's pretty terrible at this point. But whatever. A good weekend to you, too :)

Rose Valentine said...

Hello :)) HHaa I'm addicted to the internet as well! I've been skating in ages!

Olive said...

I miss ice skating! Kudos to you for getting yourself out there and staying on your feet the whole time :)!
Hm.. random activities.. Not exactly, but I took a bus all around the downtown Albany area to check it out one day this week.
My computer use is pretty ridiculous hahaha. Have a great week Nicole!

Allison said...

I like your poetic ability - you're channeling Robert Frost! :)
I used to love watching movies in French class - I can't imagine watching MULAN in CHINESE! (Especially since I can barely get the accent together to say "thank you" in Chinese).
How fun that you have open skate! I would have LOVED that - I adore ice skating. I haven't really done anything super random, just a lot of soccer!
I hope your weekend had a little down time :)