Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Always Caught Off Guard

and left stumbling around, coming to terms with the current melodramas then reassessing what happens after the fact and thennn... laugh like mad.
That's really all I can ever do-- laugh at my life.

Psychologically, I believe if we keep insisting to ourselves that we're happy, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I came off such a good week and then Sunday was just plain nuts, and it knocked me down a bit but I soooo want another great week!!!

On a random term of HAPPINESS, I'd like to point out some things that are pleasing me lately:
+ I love how I can say "I love you" and "I am happy" in four different languages now.
+ I love building relationships with people; discovering their quirks, hidden talents and life stories; meeting up and going out, unaware of the potential impermanence or superficiality but still enjoying the moment.
+ I love how I can swathe myself in layers and luscious scarves and not sweat.
+ I love rediscovering music that I had forgotten on my iPod.
+ I love, love Tokyo Police Club for everything they're worth, the Twilight New Moon soundtrack, jamming out to reggae in the most chill manner possible, and the new sound of The Maine.
+ I love that my school has had organized social activites the last two weekends so there was non-stop funfunfun and raucous dancing and behavior. Love it.
+ I love feeling sufficiently full, but not overstuffed.
+ I love raspberries with hot fudge. Or caramel.
+ I love finishing my work in a timely fashion so I don't set myself up for a stress-filled disaster. Currently failling at that, however.
--> What are you loving at the moment, what's making you beam with HAPPINESS? :D

Despite the fact that I have a lot of work to tackle and conquer, directly after lab I persuaded two of my friends to watching a showing of Les Choristes by the French Club. There were only four other people watching it (hey, best kept secret) but I was sooo pumped! If you do not
recall, it ranks as one of my favorite movies and the soundtrack is simply divine. I wish I still had chorale-capable vocal chords to reach pitches like theirs. The movie put me in such bonheur.

My friend Ally accompanied me to the student center so I could buy junk food -- raspberry Milanos and vegan snickerdoodles -- to cope with some emotional upheavals and that reprising parent-derived conflict. I should not be binging to deal with stress of any sort butttt... I didn't have dessert with my dinner tonight, I'll be running and biking tomorrow, and now I'm just binging on tea? Is that excusable?

Ahahaha now back to work,
and to allow myself to drown in tea.


natalie said...

That's pretty true, actually; about how when you tell yourself you're happy, you really are happier! That's funny, but yes, true indeed. Though all of those other things can certainly add to happiness too, hehe. :D Especially raspberries with any kind of chocolate-y caramel-y goodness on them, haha! I'm glad to hear that you're still having some fabulous times despite your workload. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your tea. :)

Olive said...

Let me just say, this post was so much fun to read :). I love what you did with the text, and just plain how you wrote it. Your happiness is radiating into me, which is shocking since I'm in the midst of starting a paper at midnight that is due tomorrow evenin at six.. Somebody's slackin' ;).
I'm so glad you had a great, fun-filled birthday! Welcome to adulthood, ha ha. I hope your trend of happiness continues on for quite a while :D. It's so interesting to go out with new people and discover their personalities, that's one of my loves, too. You can learn so much about a person just from a relaxed get together, like a night around a bonfire. Raspberries and hot fudge, mmm. It's kind of nice being able to share your favorites, like movies, with new people. I introduced my roomie and another friend to on of my personal favorites, Walk Hard, and watching them crack up at it made it even more enjoyable for me. I believe you're allowed a tea binge every now and again :). Have a good week!