Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Thanksgiving break does not officially begin until Friday, but I'm leaving tomorrow after class is over for a road trip to Waverly, Iowa.

Why would we drive 2,000 miles to Waverly, Iowa you wonder???
To support our Nationally-ranked Cross-Country teams at the NCAA Division III Championships!!! The St. Lawrence women are 2nd in the nation and the men are 5th; my captain is the defending National Champ, and this could be the year!
I am unashamed to admit that I do not contribute athletic prowess to these teams whatsoever, so I pull my slack with positive energy, cheering and act'in a fool :). I am so pumped for this because I have never taken a legitimite road trip, let alone traveled independtly with 32 other kids (adolescents? college students?). It took inexplicable amounts of pleading, begging and convincing to sway my parents into allowing me to go, but yeah, I have to do things on my own; now can start being the time.
Things should be interesting, to say the least. :D

And once I'm home Monday afternoon, it's a full week of relaxation. It will probably pass quickly, but I am twitching with eagerness to see all the people that have been absent from my life for the last 3 months ♥.

I am so eager to get out and have some FUN. As I write our campus Quidditch Team is hosting a Yule Ball and I'm waiting for some friends to arrive and we're going to dress up (not in dress robes, however :P) and dance until we die in the name of Harry freakin' Potter! HAHA one of the seniors on my team suggested we watch it Friday when we're in Iowa!
I'm so happy right now.

Listening: "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry/Tyler Ward/the cast of Glee [check out those versions if you have not heard them yet] It's our team song and I can't get enough of it!

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natalie said...

AHHH that's so awesome! Now that I'm actually on cross country I feel that I can fully appreciate all of your cross country endeavors as well. :D Good luck to your teams, and I'm sure your road trip will be amazingly fun in every way! WOO. Also, the Qudditch Team/Yule Ball sounds freaking fantastic. Basically it sounds like you have a bunch of great stuff coming up, so that's always grand. :)