Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Lost Track

At this point, I am a college Freshman of two months who still procrastinates and can't grasp the passage of time or where I'm going in life. But I'm pretty sure that I love where I'm at right now.

Most immediately I'm in the athletic center of my school, pedaling away on the satationary bike. This is my cross-country practice because I have resulted in stress fractures of both shins!! Aha, not quite the way I imagined my initial collegiate running season, but recovery takes time.

While on my iPod touch here, the revelation suddenly dawned on me: the campus wide Wi-Fi enables me to BLOG AGAIN.

The social aspects of college are yhe greatest adjustment. I've finally foud incredible, true people. The student body in general is very friendly though. The independence is AMAZING, but it requires significant balancing. I love being involved and going out but my work load has the tendency to hit me like a bus!

Thus, how I plan on amusinf myself during these monotonous rides. At least until I'm running again!

Anyway.. College has been a challenging adjustment. Making friends is easier said than done, but I have a few that are reliable and true all the way through. The connections through XC are wonderful as well. People at my school as genuinely friendly, although the asshole population is certainly present. The professors are engaging and the expectations are high, but they are human and I've gotten by with a sympatheic extension.
However, the work! Oh, the work. Not taking a math nor science this semester has been a blessing, though my mind is still cranking.

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