Thursday, August 12, 2010


Despite the insanity running all of my friends’ lives, we were able to take a few hours in the afternoon to do lunch and shoe shop together. I went with my friend Jessie, she’s heading to Florida next Thursday for college. We became especially close last fall because of cross-country, and it was difficult to keep up with each other through the year, but I really wanted to spend time with her before she left. Our friend Ariel came along as well, who is going to be a senior this year.
We went to this fantastic place called The Muar House CafĂ©. It’s an upbeat, casual-chic sandwich and gelato restaurant located on Canandaigua Lake. I went there once before with my best friends the day we graduated:
The loft upstairs is painted bright teal and contrasts with the hardwood floors and black leather sofas. It almost feels like you’re eating in someone’s loft, which I love! For this lunch I ordered a roast beef panini; very out of character for me (I have a vegetarian or poultry tendency), but something compelled me to order it! What arrived was this huge grilled sandwich with layers of thinly cut roast beef, wide strips of roasted red peppers and melted provolone – horseradish on the side, that stuff I can’t handle. I also had red skin potato salad on the side. Ariel ordered an enormous greek salad, and Jessie ate a three cheese and tomato panini with fruit. We had gelato afterwards; mine was a delicious pairing of passion fruit and coconut in a waffle bowl! We sat outside under the shade beside the lake with our cool treats and caught up with each other.

After this, we went to Payless for shoe shopping!! Jessie wasn’t able to make it to my graduation party in July but she still gave me a gift: $20 to Payless, because she felt that treating yourself to a pair of new shoes before college was important :D Soo after many indecisive fittings and the suggestions of my friends, I decided upon a pair of black ankle boots and black suede flats (I didn’t own any up until now!). I had to dish out $23 of my own after the gift card, but I believe these will be wardrobe essentials for the coming seasons:

I should do another post about today, but I just needed to tell you all…
I cut my hair!!! I’m donating 9 inches to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program. It looks flat because it's wet hahaha. Hope you all are doing fine! :D

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natalie said...

The little lofty lunch type place looks so cute! I love the teal wall color, too. And oh goodness, all of your food sounds absolutely delicious! Mmmmm. It's always nice to catch up with friends over some super yummy food :) And oh my, I love your new shoes! And your new haircut! It all sounds so awesome :D