Monday, December 27, 2010

Much mistletoeing, Hearts will be glowing

This year's Christmas tree is comparatively smaller to what we've had in previous years. I mean, it's quite a lovely tree, very full-- but I burst out laughing when I first saw it! And yes, that is my bichon frisé Razzle wearing a canine snuggie she recieved for Christmas :D.

Huzzah for the holidays! These affairs are always held at our house because my mom makes unwieldly amounts of food, and this year I helped with the brunch preparation. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter-- always a family brunch, instead of dinner. But it's funny because my brothers and sisters will be over in the mid-morning, then gone within three hours! Haha so I spent the rest of the afternoon fiddling with my gifts! Did you have a good Christmas haul? :)
Biggest surprise/sickest gift for Christmas '10: A Kona acoustic guitar!!!
Apparently my parents have listened to my constant groveling about wishing that I could play the violin again, or learn the guitar. Haha, in my earnest effort to tune, I accidentally snapped the B string after playing for two hours. Nevertheless, this morning it was fixed and I bought a full set of strings at a music shop for $10.
I am overwhelmingly stoked to learn how to play! The biggest obstacle I'm finding so far is shifting chords without looking, so I'll just have to continue practicing. It's going to be a thrill bringing it back to school with me because I know several people with guitars, and now I can join the jam sessions!
I am finally becoming the pseudo-hippie free spirit that I've always admired :)).
Sunday we went on an entirely unecessary shopping spree anddd I went absolutely nuts. I mean, I had a mall giftcard from my brother and sister-in-law and I purchased that paisley tunic I'm wearing in the picture above from H&M, along with a black knit headband and a fringe black camisole from Charoltte Russe, but everything else... haha I dropped a lot of money.
At Teavana the teacups were clearanced, so I bought that floral porcelain one for $2.10-- a total steal! But I bought 2 oz. of 'Precious White Peach' white tea that was $16 o_O. Call me crazy, but I brewed a few cups today, and it was delicious! Oh, the things I do for tea (and food in general).
Then at Michael's Arts & Crafts, there were dozens of clearanced Christmas tins and I horded those to use as tea canisters. I also decided that I needed to pick up painting again because I'm taking studio art semester, and I figured it would be beneficial to engage in activities not so technology-related. Thus, I spent another $15 on new acrylic paints, paint brushes, palatte knives and a spray bottle. It was like Christmas, two days in a row.

Needless to say, I have temporarily confiscated my debit card from myself :B.
Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Listening: "Erase Me" - Kid Kudi, featuring Kanye West


Olive said...

Nicole, I've missed you so much! Your tree is lovely, I've always had relatively small trees due to relatively low ceilings and my family being relatively small people, haha ;). This year our tree was bigger than usual, but anyways, love yours, the decorations are beatiful too. Puppy :)!!! I used to have a Bichon, they're adorable little dogs. I love all of the Christmas festivity in the photos, especially the matching sweater and Santa shirt combo. It's cool how you do brunch, my family does that too :), it's usually what works out best with the farm schedule ha ha. Milking the cows always runs us late.. we do it early in the morning, then again at the evening, so brunch/lunch is usually our best option.
Aw YESS!! I'm so excited for you about your Kona acoustic! That's freaking awesome! :D I wish I knew how to play. I fully support your hippie-esque lifestyle. Music, tea, and art--that's about all you need ;)! I think sometimes those "unnecessary" shopping trips are truly called for. Who knows what you'll create with those brushes, or the thoughts you'll conjure up while you're drinking tea? And as I've believed, you might as well get it while it's cheap!
I hope you continue to have a great week and enjoy your christmas presents :)

♥ Olive

Allison said...

Okay, so your puppy Snuggie literally CRACKED me up! My mom was just saying that she wished she bought Coop one (the poor guy got nothing for Christmas - we all forgot!). Also, your parents have to be the most adorable people I have EVER seen in my entire life!
I'm also loving that your have everyone over for brunch - so fun! I really loved all your pictures, it looks like everyone has such an amazing time!
Whoaaa, you made out SO well with your Christmas gifts! That guitar is amazing, and I'm so jealous, because I've always wanted to know how to play! You also made out SO well with your tea and art supplies - I'm really jealous of those gorgeous brushes. You HAVE to post some of the things that you paint. And while I'm not a huge tea fan, I LOVE that cup - it's SO pretty!
Loved this post, dear Nicole. I've missed your more regular blog posts (but I know how crazy college is, so I totally get it!). xox

Natalie said...

DOGGY SNUGGIE! :D That's pretty darn adorable, I must say. And your parents holiday sweaters are basically priceless. It definitely sounds like you had a grand celebration of Christmas festivities, filled with tons of yummy food and such. And whoooa, your guitar is so awesome! :) I totally wish I could play... I used to know a few songs from general music class, but unfortunately most of that has been forgotten by now... But yay for post-Christmas shopping sprees too, hehe! Don't worry, all the holiday money I received is burning a hole in my pocket too haha. Gah, I feel like I'm totally missing out on all of the delicious tea out there, but alas, I just don't really like tea very much! Maybe it's an acquired taste. But anyways, this comment has been going on long enough. I hope the rest of your Christmas break is amazing. :D