Sunday, December 5, 2010


My tea obsession has manifested itself into literature! At last I was able to spend the remaining money on Border's giftcards from my graduation party. I scoured the site for the best bargain deals and then the books gradually arrived at my house during break from around the country.

Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul is unfortunately not as engaging as other compilations in the Chicken Soup series, but I sure enjoy reading the testaments of those who are as nuts about tea as I! One cute thing about this book is that every few stories there's interesting facts or advice on how to properly brew tea and enjoy the tea-drinking experience.
When I typed 'tea' in the search box at Borders, Three Cups of Tea is one of the first novels that appeared. In 1993 a mountaineer named Greg Mortenson unsuccessfully attempted to summit the mountain K2 in Pakistan. After being resusitated by an isolated village, he realized that the greatest thing he could do for them is build a school. The concept is creating peace and understanding with tribal cultures in a land known for its hostility, religious extremism, etc. A significant tradition in the culture is to share tea, thus alluding to the title. I've been reading the novel when I have downtime in between school work, and it is a pretty incredible story.
PostSecret you might have heard of, it's an ongoing community project of anonymous post card secrets. I never fully understood it until I purchased the first book, and I think it could be a new obsession. Reading other peoples' confessions, reflecting upon my own, wondering who these people could be and why they feel a certain way or acted as they did-- I love it. I'll definitely be putting the successive books on future holiday gift lists. I'm also considering sending one of my own secrets...
Yay for reading!

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