Sunday, December 12, 2010

A December to Remember

School was blanketed in the lovely white stuff last weekend. Now it's just a miserable brown slush from the sleet this morning. Although it's warmer (mid-thirties), I prefer the single-digit temperatures for beautiful snow.

The week coming back from Thanksgiving break was basically one biggg party. Every night there was a theme and I had a blast! The final night was our Saturday formal and it was very exciting to dress up and take pictures, just like high school. This is a photo of some of the freshmen cross-country girls and myself!

This past week we only had classes Monday through Thursday, which was a bit more stressful yet oddly exciting because I have completed my first semester of college. This coming week is strictly for tests and I have to stick around because I have exams Wednesday and Friday morning, so in general I consider the semester finished-- and it is utterly unbelievable.
You know me (maybe not); I freak out when time passes too quickly. I mean I can absolutely declare that I am comfortable and adjusted here now, but I can't grasp how far I and everyone else has come. I literally restarted my life here without friends. Now, I know several dozen people and I'm on a DIII athletic team (I'm competing in the track meets after winter break!), the freshmen student government, the senior class gift committee and our literary magazine. The whole concept of college... is so wierd. But I like it!
Whoo, I should not be on right now. I have a final paper due tomorrow morning hahaha. Alas, one of my friends has stopped by for tea, sooo another interlude and then back to work.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend, and we shall be in touch soon. ♥


Anonymous said...

Michigan has been blanketed with a (ha) blanket of snow as well. Actually, I'm in the middle of a blizzard as we speak! My hands feel like cold, old man hands... gross.

Glad you got to go home and see your friends and family again. Themed Christmas parties are so much fun! I went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party yesterday, haha. I sported a sweater that had a block design. Each block had a designated letter of the alphabet with a picture symbolyizing that letter. (Because me being in high school) I don't get out of school until next Friday. I am really excited for the holidays, though.

Email me sometime and tell me how you're doing!

Natalie said...

Yeah, snow is only good when it's all lovely and pristine and untouched and glittery in the frozen sunlight. Once it turns to gross lushyness, then it's just annoying.

But hurray for a major party fest. :D And of course congratulations for officially completing your first college semester! Good luck getting through the last of your exams and such, and then you'll be free for winter break. Yay!