Thursday, June 30, 2011

JUST before July

It's almost July! I needed to squeeze in one last post for June.
My friend Kristen laments on how she wished that August would arrive so we can all resume our dynamic college lives, but I'm in no hurry leave just yet.  Yes, home life can be suffocating, yet I'm trying this new thing where I take a step back and realize how grateful I am for the present. 
Took me long enough to figure that one out, eh? ;)
I work hard and I see the people I love; that I can not complain about.  I wish I was more satisfied though, because I always find myself dwelling and yearning for the past and how things used to be.  I realized that my attitudes towards the present realities can either be joyful and boundless, or turn painful and bitter.  Obviously we are shooting for the former.

So between these two attitudes, there seems to be a bit of a trade-off:
I despise my weakened mental resilience when it comes to exercise and how I don't maintain my body the way it used to be; I am frustrated by various restrictions in my life that I can't seem to overcome; I am saddened by the people who are losing priority in my eyes, as I am losing touch in theirs.
I am proud of what I have learned throughout these last two years, and the progress that I still am making in all different areas of my life; I am thankful for a mind that has been expanded and a body that has healed itself; I am astounded at the maturity that has developed in my family relations, despite the occasional setback; I am invigorated by my friends who have stayed true and keep me going.

Oh, the contradiction of life.
Peace out, take care and see you in July :).

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