Friday, June 17, 2011

Riots Whereever We Go

"It's like a Chinese Thanksgiving!"
Wednesday night I went to dinner at P.F. Chang's for my friend Jen's 18th birthday (which was Thursday)! It was chaotic and confusing trying to order a sufficient amount of food for a table of 12, because it's served family style, but the staff was totally patient and courteous.  A lot of my friends were first-time eaters there, so of course we ordered the chicken lettuce wraps!  Much laughter was shared as we passed around sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, crab wontons, lemon scallops, the coconut curry veggies and tofu that I ordered, and much more.  Dessert was fun too; Jen was given a complementary dessert 'shooter', while a few others tackled the 7-layer chocolate chocolate cake called the "Great Wall of Chocolate"!!  We were all frazzled by the ordering process, then forgetting what we had ordered when it arrived, though Jen declared that dinner with all her friends was perfect.  I couldn't agree more :).
A group picture in front of the (hollow!) horse statue outside the restaurant. 
Do you have a particular restaurant or place you love going out with your friends?

 Afterwards I slept over at Jen's house, though there wasn't much rest amidst the wild toddler, cats walking all over you, and her 9th grade brother climbing and harassing our friend Brad.  Typical-- but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Lastly, that afternoon a baffling package arrived in the mail! It turned out to be a lovely, hand-sewn leather iPhone case that my extraordinary friend Justin ordered from Etsy!  The crafter (Robbie Motto) mailed it to me, accompanied by an endearing note from him.  We became friends this year at school, and he lives quite a distance away, so this really made my day :).
If you're up to it, send a friend, regardless of how near or far they are or how often you see each other, a handwritten note just to remind them how much their friendship means to you.  And if you'd like a snail mail penpal, at least for the summer, give me a shout. Receiving mail addressed to me is my favorite

Happy Weekend!
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Natalie said...

I have never been to PF Chang's, but it sounds like I'll have to make a stop there soon... especially if 7 layer chocolate cake is involved. ;D It sounds like a fantastic and fun birthday dinner, and sleep-less over afterward, haha. And awww, that is so incredibly sweet of your friend to send you that. Little things like that can just make your entire week. :)