Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back with my Baking Buddy

Of course I'm still bonding over food with friends.

In particular, my friend Ariel and I go back to the middle school years of being baking buddies. Last week was the first time we really spent time together since I returned from college, and it was great running errands at the grocery store and making our own confections.

I just bought a cookbook from Kohl's ($5 and all going to charity, why not?) that has dozens of simple, healthy recipes. We used Ariel's wilting bananas and made the banana blueberry muffins-- and I added the rest of the dried cranberries from my house.

We also baked a two-layer confetti cake for Jen's birthday, smothering it with vanilla frosting and candy messages.

And for dinner, we followed another recipe for pesto pasta salad. I've never made my own pesto unfortunately, so we mixed in pre-made from the olive bar at Wegman's. That was super easy to make as well, and with fresh cut mozzarella, steamed broccoli and crunchy bread, dinner was divine!
Would anyone like to join me for a food party?  Really, come visit, and we'll eat until we pass out.

Listening: "A Punk" by Vampire Weekend


Natalie said...

Ahhh my goodness, I am so hungry just sitting here reading this. I would love to join you for a food party, haha. Blueberry muffins... cake... pasta... it all looks so good. COME COOK FOR ME! :D

Allison said...

This is incredible, my friend! You are ridiculously inventive and creative and I adore the fact that you love cooking so much! I actually just made banana blueberry muffins the other day - those yours look different (in a good way!) than mine did! Yummo. I need to stop reading your blog when I'm PMSing like a mofo, aka eating absolutely everything in sight.
Next time you are in the city for more than two days, absolutely let me know and I'll take you around to my favorite little hole in the wall places! :) I'm so glad you got to go though - it's seriously my favorite place in the world!