Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So it seems that I've been involved in numerous campus activities lately, never having a moment to breathe, and maybe that's why I'm four weeks in with a virus-related chest-head-congestion-cold disease :D!  The health center here finally decided I was sick enough to deserve a prescription for medicine, and it's an inhaler that had a $40 co-pay, despite insurance.  Agh!  Living amongst people is great, but I'm realizing that once you're sick you stay sick.  I think ultimately I need to sleep more.  Which won't happen.  There's too much life to live, agreed?

Last Friday I performed in a talent show called Kaleidoscope, which promoted cultural performances and many of the International Students' backgrounds.  There was a fantastic array of talents, and I was in the finale performance with the ASIA (Asian Students Intercultural Association) Club for a Bollywood dance!!  We've spent at least five weeks practicing to the song "Discowale Khisko", and we wore traditional Indian clothing and all!  Unfortunately the only photos/videos of the performance are on my Facebook, but here's a video from the song we used.  (The dance moves were self-choreographed, however) Huzzah for cultural diversity!

Immediately after posting this I am going to bed because A) sleep is good B) sleep might alleviate my sickness *cue the cough and C) I need to be up at 4 AM to go hike Azure Mountain and watch the sunrise and write poetry.  Yup, that's the type of random excursions different theme houses on campus organize, and I can't pass it up!
Friday, at 6:15, fifty-five of us students are hopping on a bus funded by a Mellon Grant and the Environmental Action Organization, and riding down to Washington D.C. for a climate action conference called The Powershift, which is a project of the Energy Action Coalition.  The link to the website is much more exciting than my explanation, but essentially thousands of youth from across the country are spending this weekend in workshops learning how to push for green energy jobs, bills, development, etc., we're lobbying for environmental change to our state Congressmen (New Yawk), we're rallying and marching and seeing a bunch of super-awesome speakers such as Al Gore, Bill McKibben and more.  That's for the entire weekend, and I think it's going to be epic.  Watch out in the news, it may be there for the immensity of the movement.  I can't wait to learn how to take action!

The madness does not cease! (Though I wouldn't want it any other way)
Enjoy your week and almost-weekend, friends!!!


Natalie said...

Awww Nicole, feel better! Being sick is never fun, but it's especially not fun when you have a million things to do... There definitely aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, and get a decent amount of sleep. I haven't slept more than six hours in weeks, sadly... The talent show sounds so fun! Getting to wear the traditional clothing and everything. And have fun on your hike! Watching the sunrise and writing poetry sounds marvelous. :) And the climate action conference is sure to be fascinating! Gosh, I'm definitely jealous of all the neat things you're up to. :D

Allison said...

Okay, I am emailing you back TONIGHT, first of all! I'm so sorry - I got SO sick and got caught up in being self pitying and completely forgot :( I hope you feel better too, and that you didn't have what I'm still suffering through.
I love this post! The talent show sounds amazing and I think the whole premise of it is incredible. Wearing traditional clothing must have been awesome!
Okay, I am so into being green, and I'm thrilled that your school supports it and that there were so many involved in living a better lifestyle! :)
Love ya, girl! Take it easy and feel better. xo