Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Once in a while when you least expect it, you make a friend.
Walking is nice.
It's low-impact, casual and non-committal.  It's also introspective, relaxing and conducive to good conversation.  I spent a good portion of last night walking for the cause of fighting cancer at my school's first American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  My fundraising was a bit haphazard because I signed up on Thursday, but the overall turnout was impressive.  We had 27 teams, 268 people and over $11,000 in donations raised.  The Relay for Life normally occurs for 24 hours, but ours was a 12 hour event and we walked/danced/skipped/played frisbee/partied and camped out in the field house with the indoor track.  My hamstrings are not thanking me today, but I had solid bonding time with my friends and team (the First Year Council) and it was a powerful experience.
My grandmother passed in 2007 because of the rapid onset of cancer, and my dad has skin cancer.  I'm sure we all are, or know someone, that is impacted by cancer.  My several hours of walking on a track was nothing to the struggle that cancer patients experience, though as the sun was rising we headed back to our dorms at 6:30 am, I couldn't help but think that perhaps we are that much closer to ending the battle.

So Toms 'One Day Without Shoes' day on Tuesday was insanity.  I have never been so thankful for shoes with in my life, which I presume is the point!  It was freezing and hailing, but myself and probably 30-40 others braved it out.  I think it probably wouldn't have hurt as much if I had callouses, but it was also a mind over matter deal and once I relaxed and didn't focus on the pain, everything was good.  We all definitely brought some awareness about children without shoes, too!

Also, good news: It finally resembles spring outside.
 View from my dorm window.  There were Adirondack chairs there yesterday, I think... somebody must have moved them last night.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone :)

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Natalie said...

Yeah, they have the Relay For Life at our school every year too! I haven't been able to participate in past years, but I'm hoping I'll get a chance to this year. Definitely a fantastic cause, as is the Day Without Shoes. Props to you all for braving the unpleasant conditions and making a difference. :)