Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's April, Fool!

I was doing soooo well with posting-- and then I just lost it!  Shoot, March is over.  I need all of this to slow down, I'm having too good of a time to leave in a month..!

This is going to brief as well because I have some reading to do before class this afternoon, but today, the shoe company Toms is holding an event called One Day Without Shoes.  As you know, many children all over the world have to walk miles everyday without shoes in order to attend school, have medicine, or food and water.  At Toms, for every pair of shoes that is sold, a another pair is donated to a child in a developing country.  The Environmental Action Organization at my school is co-sponsoring awareness for these children today, and I think I'm going to give it a shot!  It's quite dreary and muddy out... and I actually have a lot of qualms about foot hygiene (I don't like being barefoot in locker rooms, for example)... but I'm going to go without shoes today and hope that I do not contract an orthopedic disease or step on something terrible.

I'm so exhausted from the weekend.  I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but I become so engaged in writing or homework that it's never early-- and then I'm up again once the sun rises in my window.  I've been sick for nearly two weeks now, but I'll keep wheezing and hacking on through by eating well and running (albeit, slowly).  On a fun note, the dining hall had sushi last night!  It's not spectacular but a tasty surprise nonetheless.
Do you like sushi? :)
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Natalie said...

Oh yes! I remember the no shoes day from last year too, now that you mention it. Toms is definitely a great organization. Good luck going shoeless today!

Argh, sounds like a rough weekend. I can never go to bed at a reasonable hour no matter how much I try. I hope you combat your sickness and feel better soon!

And yay for sushi! My friends think it's disgusting but I love it.

Olive said...

Oh! That's so cool :D. I've actually never heard of this No Shoes Day, but it sounds like a great thing. I think I'll have to look more into the organization, seems like they're doing good things. I definitely applaud you for partaking in this with your foot hygeine qualms. It is definitely reasonable to worry about, but kudos to you for letting it go for the good of humanity.

Ugh, college = no sleep. It's 1:10 right now as I write this. I'm sorry to hear you're so sick though :(, I hope you're feeling better in no time!
I've had sushi, but it's always like one roll at a time taken from my friends' trays. I have yet to buy my own tray, but I enjoy it, so I don't get why I haven't yet. My dining hall is hosting "Seafood Night" tomorrow :P, wonder if there will be any sushi. We shall see.
Have a good week Nicole!