Friday, December 28, 2012

The Holladaze

Okay, I've done enough Montreal reminiscing to bring us back to the current affair: the holiday season!

I dressed up for Christmas.  
The only one, of course, but I wanted another excuse to wear this dress from Francesca's.  

I was mildly indifferent about Christmas this year, not annoyed by the glee but not entirely absorbed.  I think I was too lost in my warp of school.  Nonetheless, I exercised significant consumer power (see the new L.L. Beans boots above) and returned the favor.  I'm still young/poor enough to not feel obligated to buy gifts for everyone in the family-- I hope in a few years I can afford that though!  For my dad, I bought him a nice pen from my school's bookstore (yeah, he likes pens!) and 'man' soap from one of my favorite local shops, Wickedly Scent in Canandaigua.  They make lotions, soaps, candles and other bath things by hand with few artificial ingredients.  I've been a loyal customer since last spring.  For my mom, I bought her hand lotion from there as well.  I also bought these lovely porcelain, tropical fish set of plates from Williams-Sonoma, so that was more a family gift.  I think they'll be marvelous to use at our house in Florida.

But I'm not that eager to hop down south yet, I'm enjoying the snow!  Above is a picture of some of the charming boat house cottages on the pier in Canandaigua.  Below, my house after the night-long snow barrage.  It's the perfect nordic ski weather if I could just get off my butt and go outside.  It's also the perfect cuddle weather, but oh wait...

Haha, fortunately I have evidence of productivity that I'll do another post on.  Look at this blogging streak!  Trying to sneak as many in before the year ends, I suppose.  Hope you're all staying warm, how were your family festivities?

Listening: the local Top 40 radio station.  It's complete crap, why am I doing this to myself?

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▲my• said...

So much pretty snow! And your dress is gorgeous! :D