Thursday, December 27, 2012

Montreal, encore

I just couldn't stay away from Montreal!  The second time around in the city of poutine and beer was the first weekend of December.  We scuttled through the cobbled streets, significantly colder but alight for the winter holidays.  Dressed in a simple black Urban Outfitters dress (courtesy of Courtney), black tights, riding boots, a magenta scarf and three freshemen (HA!) boys in tow, I saw Band of Horses play at the Metropolis for their Mirage Rock tour (the album released in September).

 I honestly didn't know their music too much beyond "No one's ever gonna love you" and "Funeral", but I'm so glad I went because I'm now a converted fan.  It was amazing; their talent was raw but appeared relaxing, easy and pleasing for the band.  Ben Birdwell, the beautifully bearded lead singer and founder of Band of Horses, his vocals simply soared.  They played on a backdrop of projected scenes from western USA, a lot of Lake Tahoe-region locations that our friend Dylan recognized (he's from California).  Right before I came home for the winter, Colin shared all the music he has and I'm enjoying going through their albums, suddenly recalling what we saw live.
That breath-catching moment when the band steps onto stage, illuminated as silhouettes against the stage lights,striking the first chords on their guitars.. AH :)

This is a video I took on my phone of "No one's ever gonna love you" in acoustic!  It's quiet but so lovely.
Here's a video that someone else took at the concert. I wasn't too much farther behind them, and it's pretty good quality so it catches the incredible feeling of "The Funeral." Ben's voice reverberates into your soul!

Compared to the last concert I saw at the Metropolis (3OH!3 my freshmen fall, don't judge it seems so long ago), the atmosphere for Band of Horses was incredibly relaxed.  Everyone was hanging out, calmly sipping beers and buzzing with excitement, minus the shoving and desperate clamor that I've normally experienced at concerts.  Lots of coiffed hairdos, thick-rimmed glasses, blazers, skinny jeans and cigarettes.  It's either a pseudo-European scene, or I'm just not used to being in cities.
All smiles after the show, mine the typical snarl.  I look so short!

After the concert, we took off into the night and drank lots of amber beers, found ourselves at a hardcore metal underground bar, an outrageous gay kareoke bar, the lavish but deserted bar of our hostel (M Hostel by the way, highly recommend it!) and then the two mile hike to La Banquise!  It's the mecca of the finest poutine that serves 24/7.  I hadn't eaten since lunch before we left school.. the hot fries smothered in grilled pepers, onions, cheese and gravy (la Rachel specialty) saved my stomach!  The last time I was here with the frisbee team I split the poutine, but this time it allll went to me..

And there went another overly expensive weekend in a foreign country.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Listening: "Feel Alright" by Albino!

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