Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rubblebucket Rochester Rager

Rubblebucket loves Rochester, New York.  
And we love them even more.  I'm that fan girl clamoring at the barriers of the front row, the irremovable grin of ecstasy screaming lyrics, hollering for marriage proposals and dancing like an octopus out of the water.  Best part is, I had nine other friends from college doing the same thing!
I invited anyone who was free from the Western New York region to come to my house, cooked lasagna, meatballs, a fruit-filled salad, and garlic bread for dinner, slowly drove north through the snow to Water Street Music Hall and watched Thunderbody (a Rochester favorite, but we missed Driftwood who opened prior) and Rubblebucket jam as we raged on the dance floor until one in the morning.
 They always put on such an amazing show with their energy, dancing, streamers, face paint and audience interaction.  There were a few times that Thunderbody and Driftwood came on stage to play and party on as well!
Anakalmia on stage with Thunderbody.  
  She's a beauty.
 Thunderbody and Driftwood dancing on stage with Rubblebucket.

 After the shows, Rubblebucket usually does a troubadour parade through the crowd to their merch table, not quite ending the dance party. 
 My roommate Olympia and I.  You will always find us shaking it down in the front row.
And yes, we were those outrageous girls in the bathroom of a venue covering our faces with paint in a dance floor warrior fashion having way more fun than everyone else.  Not pictured: the cobalt blue glitter :D

Alex, the trumpeter, gave a shout out to their concert here exactly one year ago-- which I was also at!-- and how they debuted their wacky, aluminum-plaster robots on backpacks of people that dance through the crowd, how they were only supposed to last six shows and ended up performing at over 150, and I was squeeling with delight because since that concert last winter I've seen them four more times.  My fondness for them has never been stronger, because after they finish a back-to-back New Year's bash in Burlington, VT tonight and tomorrow, they will finally have a well-deserved break.  I love Rubblebucket shows because although their prominence is growing, the audience and venues are still intimate enough to absorb the good vibes of the band and everyone around you!

I finally bought the 7" vinyl of their latest EP, Oversaturated, and had it signed!  They played most of their new songs, though the one thing that would have made the concert better was a longer set with the older songs that I also love.  The lighting in this is terrible, but now I finally have a picture with Anakalmia and Alex.  I was startruck; they are incredibly talented and fun and just so damn cool.

Because of the road conditions we didn't make it back to my house until 2:45 am, and after staying up until 4 we slept in until 9:30.  We had a big breakfast, and once everyone left I slept for three more hours, haha.  Always worth it!  2012 isn't quite over yet, but that was one of the best damn ways I could imagine concluding.
Listening: "There's Only Pain from Love" by Rubblebucket!

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