Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poutine and Beer

I more or less joined my school's ultimate frisbee team last spring, but this fall I played at full force.  In October we ventured to Montreal, the famed city of poutine and extra-large beer, for our big tournament of the semester.  We are the Ruckus Bus but we became known as Team Shithead.  We didn't win as many games as we had hoped, but there was no doubt that we won the party.
The first night my vehicle was the last to arrive at the apartment where we stayed, and we evacuated into the night because of police-issued noise violations before I had a chance to change out of my well-worn tye dye and zip-up.
 These are only photos from Friday night!  Saturday was more outrageous because our hosts at McGill University rented out a club for all the teams in the tournament.
 There was a lot of nudity-centered antics, but hey, who's to expect less from a group of 18-21 year olds who are hammered the entire weekend.
 It was an epic bonding experience, to say the least.  Although we weren't the most eccentric team there, the frisbee culture proves to be a band of raucous misfits, and we were no exception.

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