Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Self-Imposed All Nighters

Dear Pandora,
I'm not interested in hearing your Group-On commercials and seeing Victoria's Secret models flaunting their bombshell bodies all over my laptop at 4:50 in the morning.  Just let me listen to my music, darn it!

With love,
Nicole "likes shifting between Vitamin String Quartet, John Butler Trio and Foster the People radio" L.E.

Hahaha, I am just as surprised as you probably are as to how and why I have been up this long.  My 7,000 word paper isn't due until Thursday, but I really wanted to make a committed push to complete it by the end of today.  Writing is such a strenuous, drawn out process and I tend to make more work for myself than necessary, but clicking 'send' with the security of having a thorough piece of research is a powerful feeling.  I'm making it!  Just taking a blogging detour, obviously.  Even though it's finals week, I still have had random social and organization engagements.  It's just been easier working throughout the night because as my friend JJ put it, when no one's awake you don't have any commitments and can just focus on work!

Oh my goodness, and I've been rolling on several thousand grams of sugar.  I don't have a picture to show you, but my friend Ally and I finally made what we have been anticipating for over a year: cookie-stuffed cookies.  YES, it is true: you can bake a double-stuffed oreo inside a chocolate chip cookie and live to tell the tale.  Granted, they only make 15, but the are enormous and terrifying but nauseatingly satisfying.  So I ate two and gave the rest to my housemates.  Apparently these quickly-processed carbs are keeping me going.

Did I mention that I went to see Rubblebucket again this weekend?  My housemates and I drove to 2 1/2 hours south to catch them at an affordable price in a lovely venue as one last hurrah.  And dance, we did!  I nominate us for the best fans of the Bucket.  We were literally the life of the party at the concert, I was sweating everywhere and we confessed in our sheepish, starstruck ways to Kalmia how we loved their performance at our Springfest.  We ended the night with burritos the size of my head at the Mexican restaurant next door, then pounded energy drinks and drove home 'til 3 AM.  It was a marvelous final weekend with people I just really came to know this semester. 
 Awesome Rubblebucket band pic courtesy of somewhere on the internet...
They even came parading out into the crowd with us at the very end!  We had a congo line for Cinco de Mayo and my housemate Luke almost proposed to the lead singer Kalmia :D

We had our final house meeting 7 hours ago, and it's just not settling in that this spring is coming to a close.

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