Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Downward Slide

Aujourd’hui, j’ai mangé mon poids en nourriture et je me suis rendue compte que la France me manque plus que j’ai imaginé.  Bah oui, c’est ce temps du semestre.. quand je ne prends plus de souci avec ma santé et je m’en fous avec mes cours.  C’est vraiment un chemin dangereux mais ma stresse me tuerais autrement.  En plus, j’ai rencontre avec des autres amis de mon séjour en France et on a bavardé en cette belle langue au sujet de nos vies.  C’est un cadeau, la capacité de parler en langue étrangère.

Instagram, anyone?  I am quite the enthusiast and if my phone is ever in hand, my reaction tends to be Instagram that bitch!  For example, this photo was taken ages ago at the café where I  would enjoy tea or a coffee, a chouquette and the last week's homework before my 4-hour long political science class.  My French chatter today made me nostalgic for my life last semester.  What began as exploration and surprise became  comfortable routine, and sometimes I regret uprooting myself so soon...

And although I have settled back into U.S. college life swiftly as ever, the stress and activity can be unsettling.  I mean, we're on the downward slide of the semester; this Friday is the last day of classes, and then I will be leaving after finals week.  Of course I'm going to be devastated, I simply wish that my daily tasks didn't take so much life out of me!  This is where the argument of You are too involved comes into play, but I can't help that I love what I do and it's not just a resume-builder, it's interests and passions and my commitment to things tends to be unbreakable once it has been established (exceptional circumstances may apply)!  WHAT TO DO.

To give you a visual of now and what's to come:
Asian Students' Intercultural Association - President, this semester and next fall
Student Alumni Association - member, Deputy President next fall
The Laurentian Magazine - art/photo editor, Public Relations Editor next fall
Class of 2014 Council - member
Omicron Delta Kappa - newly inducted member, I think they'll force me to do things next fall..
Habitat for Humanity - Theme house resident, house and club secretary
Campus Kitchens Project - member, potentially a shift leader next fall
Club SLU - organizer and mentor

To any reader who feels empathy/sympathy-- how do I decided where to cut down?
I apologize for what seems to be gloating... My life seems hella tough, ya know? [sarcasm]


Natalie said...

I've never jumped on the Instagram bandwagon but I definitely appreciate the lovely photos it produces!

Holy cow, you are one busy bee! If you want to cut down, maybe the only way to go about it is to just try to pick out which things you think you could live without, and what you would miss least. I guess that's pretty obvious, but I don't know how else to decide, haha... Good luck with finals!

Jen N. said...

you're insane. i would never be able to do what you do but i love it. guess i wont be seeing much of you in the fall though! you're going to be going crazy :)