Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blooming in the North Country

Campus looks marvelous this time of year.  If only there weren't finals holding us back from enjoying it!  Haha just kidding, I fell asleep beneath the tree pictured above the other day... oh, how I adore spring.

I just finished my one and only final for the week, and I'm in the midst of writing a 7,000 word paper.  I feel relatively lucky compared to many of my friends who are cracked out and stressed from having exams every day.  I can't believe how quickly this semester slipped away, and I'm sad to see things go.. I mean, it's nice going home but I have so many opportunities and fantastic people to be around here.  I'll probably be burned out mid-summer, though in a different way from work.  Nevertheless, I know that we just need to take every stage in life as an adventure and in stride!  It's also nice knowing that I'll be back on campus at the end of summer rather than going abroad again.  Since we're going to be juniors(!!), many of my friends are now starting to study off campus.  I'll miss them immensely but I know that studying off-campus is one of the best things you can do for yourself while you're in college. 

That, and eating a pints of ice cream at 11 PM a few nights of the week.

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Natalie said...

It looks so lovely there! And wow, I can't believe you're already going to be a junior... I remember when you told us that you were the valedictorian of your class like it was yesterday... haha. But agh, studying off campus is going to be great. I can't wait to do it eventually.