Sunday, May 10, 2015

A quick note for Mother's Day

You know, I thought that by finishing undergrad and taking a break from education for a while, I'd have loads of time to blog and indulge in art and other life-fulfilling pastimes. Working full time has created a somewhat  predictable structure to my time, but I still have that inkling of exhaustion that's bars me from devoting energy to many other activities. My top priorities are food (grocery shopping, cooking, eating nutritiously) and work (staying on my game while preparing for the next one, being at the job site most Saturdays), though as the Berkshires heat up, I'm back to playing ultimate frisbee outdoors! And thank goodness, because the eternal winter was not helping my clothing seams... The Northeast weaned it's way out of winter and hopped straight to summer. The plants suddenly burst with leaves and blossoms from these 80+ degree heat waves, so perhaps this will give me the jolt of energy I need..

Ah, but what was I trying to get at? Oh yeah, accountability, more so my lack thereof because I haven't maintained this blog or my research one at all. I'm ashamed and frustrated with my lack of resolve to put my ideas into motion and really stick to them. I would say I follow through fairly well with human relations and again, my stomach, but everything else just seems secondary. Ugh, maybe someone needs to impose deadlines on me?!

One thing I've really taken a conscientious step towards is embracing the now and accepting the present for what it is. It's extremely tough for me because I'm used to dwelling in the past or fantasizing in the future, whether realistically or for anything. I write these big ideas down though, and maybe I should make more mindmaps just to see how life is fitting together. But still, a majority of the most impactful experiences and encounters in my life were never predicted. Fate, serendipity, and other positive vibes of the universe collided into my path.

Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms out there who have put their hearts into children that grow into beautiful humans. And an extra shoutout to my own, who has time after time demonstrated that biology isn't essential to be mother and child; it's the bond of love. I'm posting this from my phone so I don't have the same inclination to keep typing, but I know a lot of dear family and friends that I don't see routinely anymore are still awaiting my posts. Updates and photos to come soon!

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