Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another day, another blog (!)

I know, I need to blog more. I was such a great blogger when I lived on the other side of the world from everyone and relegated my communication to 2-3 minimal platforms (spontaneous phone calls aside). One thing that's irked me about Loquaciousness is my lack of focus beyond saving. As in, my writing goes in so many directions, that it's difficult to present in any professional format because I'm never consistently posting about something... except myself. Which arguably has its merits, but for now, I think my publishing aspirations are at a rest.

However, the journalism ones are not! The St. Lawrence Global Studies department has a hugely talented staff, one of whom I reached out to a few months ago about the news blog called The Weave. The site is citizen journalism dedicated to reporting stories that are underrepresented in the media. I've been itching to re-engage my scholarly ambitions for research and writing, so I reached out to Dr. Collins, bounced some ideas, slowly pulled together a proposal, and finally launched my page! In my blog space called Adopted Identities, I am examining Transnational and Transracial Adoptions in the United States as a cultural practice.

Now that I am announcing my explicit intentions to research and post to this blog on a hopefully bi-monthly basis... well, I have to! This is going to take some serious self-structuring, but I owe it to you all. Here is the first post, and I really encourage you to comment as a process of collaboration and encouragement for my future writings. Cheers!

Currently: Sick, in bed. Makes for a committed position to writing.

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