Monday, June 1, 2015

April Roundup

It's June but I still have a lot to share from April. The first weekend, I suddenly decided that Florida would be a wonderful way to spend Easter. And of course it was (thanks Mom and Dad)! My brother Duane and nieces were down there, and we basked in the sun and gorgeous waters.

Always a blast to hang out with the dogs.
The next weekend, Tom and I took off to Boston for less than 24 hours for a Rubblebucket concert! It was a late Valentine's gift and pretty much perfect. Tom's parents live in the suburbs, so we took the T (their metro/train) to Paradise Rock Club downtown. We even ran into some of my St. Lawrence classmates, unsurprisingly! And then we did our best to stay as close to the front as possible to rock our faces off.

Rubblebucket was Thursday and we were back Friday, because SATURDAY we (Emma, Luke, and I) hosted a St. Lawrence Charter Day party!! I can't emphasize how heart-exploding and happy it made me to bring two-thirds of my favorite humans to the Berkshires. 
Annie and Elizabeth cheesin' before everyone arrived (no, really--Emma's mom filled that table with 20 kinds of cheese!!)

2014 ladies :) Kate is on the far left.
Team Habitat, otherwise known as the Cream Team.

Former Ruckus, now Rusty Bus ultimate frisbee members!
Once a Saint always a Saint -- representing classes '76 through '14!

Class of 2014 friends 
I also iced everyone at the party when they thought we were opening a surprise box of SLU goods.. that rocked.

That was the first full-blown reunion party we've had as alumni, and certainly won't be the last. It was fun to celebrate the institution that brought us all together (even though they took away our theme house..)!

And the weekend after that, I took off to Nantucket for a ladies' retreat, initiated by my lovely friend Caroline that I studied with in Shanghai. It was a weekend divorced from technology (for the most part), serious responsibilities, and full of reflection, friendship, and restoration. We cooked and crafted and went to the beach and had a hoot of a time at the daffodil festival, which was quite frankly one of the wasp-iest events I've ever willingly taken part in. Not offensive, just ostentatious displays of wealth.
The dinner I lead included ratatouille, couscous, roasted broccoli, and garlic bread.

Caroline and I. I am endlessly fortunate to be friends with such an amazing lady!

The most moving part of the weekend was when Caroline revealed packages of letters she collected from each of our loved ones, reading one letter aloud for each lady. There's a radiating amount of love in my life, and all the adventures of April really reinforced that.

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