Saturday, November 30, 2013

Life in the Cold, part deux

What else to do in the cold: grab a hot drink and bring the fun indoors.
Thanksgiving break has given me over a week to come home, rest up, meet with friends, and catch up on work (ha!).  

 Caitlan, Brad, and Kristen at Caitlan's house~ yes, a house!  She's rented a quaint home down the road from her parents, with one bedroom and bath, plus a woodstove and charming front and back enclosed patios.  She's decorated it with donations, thrifted furniture, and Etsy-inspired crafts to create a country cottage feel.  I was just reeling at the possibilities of living in my own space one day, while she's already there.
 Brad and I left the Finger Lakes early to spend the day in Rochester.  It was freezing but worth visiting the east side of the city in the arts district!  We nursed coffees and worked on papers in Java's cafe, then toured the Memorial Art Gallery.  This was my first time visiting the museum, which celebrated it's 100th anniversary this year!  I was pleasantly surprised at the survey of art that is on display, yet in a space that's small enough not to seem tiring or unmanageable.  The collection includes a fair scope of American artists, especially those from Rochester, Renaissance and Baroque art, 19th and 20th century European impressionists and modernists, classical art, ancient works of South America, Egypt, Asia, and Africa, and a special exhibit on human memory.  
 There's me, posing on the sidewalk outside of Java's in my new coat from Asos and shockingly bright hat that I salvaged from my friend Mary this summer in China when she was ditching clothes to lighten her suitcase (I did not lighten anything).  Outside the MAG there were these little bronze sculptures and I told Brad to imitate one of them; he picked the giant concrete one lying down!

I especially enjoyed that our high school art teacher/mentor/friend Mr. Williams was available to meet us!  It was a completely last-minute invitation, but I sure love his commentary, stories, and whacked out-wisdom. 
The memory exhibit had an interactive wall where you posted answers to sticky notes that asked things such as "My first memory was..." or "What I wish I could remember is...".
 Real or faux Rembrandt?  Even the gallery curators can't be sure...
Mr. Williams' favorite Monet in the gallery.

Another take on "American Gothic," this time out of spools of yarn.
And some views from my house:

Thanksgiving included my brothers and their families and was quiet, as usual.  We didn't have too many leftovers because everyone scarfed the sweet potatoes and twice-baked cheese potatoes, but I'm returning to school with leftover turkey meat and stock (so much for vegetarianism!).
I'm thankful for a healthy family and magnificent set of friends, the support at school in between manic work loads, all the experiences of this year!  Between travelling up and down the East Coast, then throughout China, some of Asia, and all the incredible people I've encountered.  Although our paths may not cross again, the impressions are lasting.  I hope everyone else had a safe, delicious, and happy Thanksgiving! 

Listening: "Dark Paradise" by Lana del Rey


Donna said...

We loved having you home for the holiday

Allison said...

You are so beautiful - honestly, with every picture, you get more and more gorgeous! This sounds like such a good time to be home - and no leftovers isn't the worst thing ever. Your pictures are gorgeous, and it looks like you fully took advantage of being home!