Friday, December 20, 2013

Wahoo! I'm published.

Winter views and blues from my townhouse at school.  It's all blanketed in snow now.
A midst the terror and hilarity that concern the last three weeks of school, I managed to contribute something the world beyond the North Country bubble: a travel essay that was published online!  After discovering my blog, a start-up bilingual media site based out of Madrid, Spain, called RoosterGNN, asked if I would like to write for their student travel section called GapBrave.  After taking a few creative English writing classes, spilling my thoughts here, and jaunting between continents, this was an awesome opportunity, and of course I related it to food.  My food-travel-personal essay titled "A Taste of Northern France" can be found here.  There are definitely some flaws and I need to work on eliminating the passive tense whenever possible, but I hope I granted a fresh perspective on a highly visited monument in France.  I look forward to contributing more to GapBrave in the future, and wdging my way into the world of online journalism.

This week was a mess, including 5-hour then 11-hour library sits on Monday and Tuesday, but I'm proud to announce that I crushed my several-thousand word essays and put finals week 2013 to rest.  Heading home in the morning and can't wait to blog more about December very soon.

Listening: The Talking Heads, always, all the time. Especially "This Must Be The Place"


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You are incredible! I cannot wait to read this - I'm in no shock though, you're a tremendous writer. Congratulations, darling! xox