Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Views

Frost in the North Country, Halloween, my birthday, academic endeavors, and lots of dancing. 

 Porch views from the townhouse.


Night 1 of Halloween: Have you ever seen a cat in space?
Sponsored by my roommate's absurd/awesome royal purple rhistone-embellished figure skating leotard, my friend's galactic leggings, sneakers for dancing, and Marg's cat mask.

 Dinner party with frisbee friends.

Night 2: Mother nature, zombie animals, Pikachu, and a hi-liter.

 Night 3: A fish that can fly (including a blue sequined blazer), skeleton babes, and a sassy cat!

 The proceeding Ruckus Bus party, of course with many crowded around the table playing quarters.  Same story, different appearance.


 These dear friends trooped out into the cold with me for my first trip to the bar.  We were the only seven patrons at 12:30 AM, aside from a local resident.  We passed around a bottle of Andre champagne and took Hornitos tequila shots with the bartender, and I giddily went to sleep.

 Wahoo!  21 year old me, trying to keep it classy for senior portraits.  A typical Monday, though more exciting and significantly less regard for school work.


 Almost every week, some of my classmates from my Global Studies Theories of Cultural Studies course meet to discuss the theory from the week, and topics that have diverged into marriage, migration, identity, Russell Brand, and even cats on the internet.  We are champions of social justice, Marxist theory, and will seek to restructure the world ... or at least contribute more sense.  (Not pictured: Tommy)


  One of my favorite bands to come to Java is Thunderbody, who are from Rochester, performed Friday night.  Good roots and reggae with a leading percussion.  They even brought their thunder baby that was born this past summer!

 Alex, Evan, and... mustached Andrew.

 Set break dancing madness.

Karoke with Kat and my favorite theme house friends the night night the Java Barn!  We were keeping things smooth with some Frank Ocean.

 And the sweetest ending to a week of my 21st year of life: a pumpkin-chocolate cheesecake made from scratch from my roommate, Courtney, and help from Laura.

Listening: Arcade Fire's new album, Reflektor.

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Olivia Fuller said...

Thank you so much Nicole! It's so amazing to be reunited with the blogging world, and I'm so happy that you're still here :)! Congratulations to yourself as well, it looks like you've been leaping over all types of hurdles--immersing yourself in clubs, joining a CSA, and especially going to China! I've always admired the way that you really put yourself out into the world.

I love, love, love your Halloween costumes! The dancing cat in outerspace is so original, definitely a fun spin off of the typical cat costume :). I'm so glad your friends took you out for your obligatory birthday drink--so essential. Being 21 is definitely nice, now you can start going to wine and beer festivals--those are the best! I work for a winery doing weekend festivals, and I'm always jealous of all of the festival-goers.

Chocolate-pumpkin cheesecake?!?? YUM!!

Talk to you soon!