Monday, June 3, 2013

Thailand Travels, part II

I am so behind on posting about my more recent life of the last three weeks, but here is the last photo splurge from Thailand!  Basically we tanned ourselves to a crisp on Koh Samet, went snorkeling, sat in the softest sand, drank amazing mango and papaya smoothies, and indulged on mango sticky rice and crepes.  The island had such a relaxed and fun vibe, and at night you could eat on the beach because the restaurants set out mats and tables.  The fire dancers were a thrill, Kat and I tried convincing them to hang out with us, but alas we weren't cool enough...

Sorry about the photo explosion, but these were all too beautiful not to share. This trip really set me back financially, but I don't regret basking in the Thai sun and posting up in a pavilion ensuite... it just won't happen again for a while.  But, I recommend that you all book your flight to Thailand ASAP, and invite me along!!

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