Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thailand Travels

Our second full day in Bangkok was a quintessential Thai tour: elephant riding, the favorite pad Thai (Thai fried noodles with vegetables, bean sprouts, peanuts and spice) of our van driver, and driving around the city.  We wanted to see the Grand Palace, but the King was actually in that day!  Instead, at the park across the street we cheered on at least 100 runners who were running laps for a 9-hour ultra-marathon -- in that heat, it was extremely commendable.

Our elephant trainer liked Kat and I, so he allowed us to sit on the shoulder blades rather than just the bench.  It was a short ride, but such an incredible experience because our elephant (a 40 year old female) was extremely intelligent and kind.

Mr. Green, our fantastic Thai taxi van driver, brought us to a weekend market and then to eat what he knows as Bangkok's best pad Thai.

A view from outside the Grand Palace walls.
One of the characteristically colorful runners at the ultra-marathon.

Instagram shots with the elephants :)

Listening: The droning lecture of my international relations class (oops).
Thank you for everyone's lovely comments!  Hope you're enjoying the photos.

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Donna said...

You didn't tell us you rode an elephant. How great is that. Can't wait to see more!!!!!