Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Wasting is an art

like the nights we spend in backs of cars."
- "End of a Spark" by Tokyo Police Club

I distract myself way too late on the internet.  It's usually after I've finished closing at work and I come home and foolishly convince myself that I can restrain myself to 10 minutes that turns into 3 hours.  But there's a lot of blog browsing to be caught up on, and photo-bragging of course.  I will say that I've had a few fantastic days with my friends that make up for the long hours at work.

Exhibit A: A free concert on Sunday evening.  My friend Jenny, who goes to college with me, came to my house for dinner (I went to her house the last time).  She brought a freshly-baked peach pie (♥), then we saddled up and went to a park a few lakes over for a free concert.  Chairs were sprawled on the grass, grills were going, and loads of boats and family's were parked in the harbor to revel in the summer ambiance. 

It was the Sim Redmond Band (, who are a few decades ahead of us, but they're folksy serenades about love and living fully were definitely to be admired.
 We were entertained just by watching the hippy parents with their barefoot children.  And the crazy beards!  (Jenny insisted upon taking this... sorry for whoever you are... :B)

Exhibit B: Another free concert!  In the summertime, you don't have to look hard or far to find decent music in public spaces.  In this case, we kinda went far, but the ride was worth the spoils of seeing one of my favorite bands up close and for free.

Tokyo Police Club !!!
They're an indie-rocking post-punk progressive quartet from Toronto: David Monks on vocals and bass, Josh Hook on guitar, Graham Wright on keyboards and Greg Alsop on the drums.  I was so unbearably happy that they came across the border to play a free concert because I was screwed out of seeing them back in April at Ottawa.  I was probably ten feet away from the stage; it was crowded, but not sardine-jammed so I wasn't slick with other peoples' sweat for once.  Their music was so passionate and real, yet... better.  AH :D

The lead singer, Dave Monks, used to have very shaggy hair.  As you can see, he cut it!  Did you know that these guys are one of the privileged bands to be pictured at the bottom of my blog?  Ehhh, bet you didn't know that!  Please, I beg you, if you haven't heard any of their music please take a quick listen to the following and let me know what you think : "Your English is Good", "In A Cave", "Breakneck Speed" and my personal favorite, "Bambi".  Maybe I'll post one of my videos-- at a decent hour of day.

Yeah, I can't lie, my friend (not going to point him out bahaha) can be temperamental with me from time to time, but he really pulled through with this one.  He drove us out to the concert and was happy that I had such a good time :).  Those boys really knew how to jam.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  Tell me about the fun things you're doing!

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