Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scenes from Spring Break, part II

Actions shots from the tournament, partying with the team, and glorious evenings at the marsh. (Some photos are generously borrowed from friends)

It was such a treat to play on a grass field, albeit sandy. The heat, however, took a lot of adjustment. Day one had me quite dehydrated.
The tournament was co-ed, so for seen players on the field we went 5 men - 2 women, or 4-3, which I love because it fosters a need for trust and communication.

High Tide is awesome because it attracts colleges from around the country. We played DI schools like Georgetown and Boston University, and competing against a college from Wisconsin! Despite actual size rankings, every team is a wild card.
We also played a no-clothes point... courtesy of four guys on our teams with speedos.
Frisbee playing makes for some badass snapshots and highlight videos. Holly, Elizabeth, and Sam (our team moms) were terrific with on the sideline with these! 

We ended day 3 not winning the tournament and finishing 4-4 overall, but collectively proud and exhausted of our playing. We drove to St. Simon's Island (where most teams resided) and ate ice cream on the pier.


The Ruckus Bus in prime form.

Would you believe that the snow only finally melted two weeks ago, but night times is still barely breaking 35 degrees? There's talk of the infamous year that it snowed on graduation, but I'm bearing my sandal tan proudly and wearing them whenever it's warmer that forty degrees. Although Georgia is moving farther away in the past, I can definitely say it was one of my best memories of this year. There are so many seniors graduating from the team, we're considering the idea of returning next spring and registering as the alumni Rusty Bus, and renting out the  Bluff House again. I can only hope--being a member of Team Shithead is a full-time job!

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