Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Round-Up, or This Can't Be the Last Full Month

... of my undergraduate career at St. Lawrence. As I scramble during this last week in April to finish my senior honors thesis, see all my friends, attend lectures and workshops, prepare presentations, receive award and inductions, and dress up and dance for theme house and team formals (as if we could dress up to go anywhere else!), it is finally sinking in that this is it. In less than four weeks, this community that I have so wholeheartedly spread my mind and heart into, will no longer be my home. 

Building apple crates with a local carpenter through the North Country Folk Series, a set of programs to connect students with local crafts people and artisans.
Mine's a bit rough around the edges, but certainly a useful piece of furniture!

Elizabeth and I hiked Azure Mountain, a small peak about 40 minutes away, with over 50 friends of the Women's Resource Center for Take Back the Night. The purpose of the event is to give agency back to victims of sexual assult (see the post I read last fall here).
Evening cresting across the St. Regis Valley.
I rallied, and registered l11 adies to revive the Ruckus BusT for one last competitive tournament that would be just women's teams. Unfortunately, sickness, family visits, and work schedules prevented us from going. Nonetheless, I hopped aboard the guy's team and accompanied them to their tournament in southern tier New York. I regained my Georgia tan, tried to film highlights, and provided support however I could, which included driving them back to school after an exhausting marathon of games. A few sets of parents came to watch and feed us, which was wonderful. They men only had 3 subs for the weekend but played some of the best frisbee I've seen from them!

The seniors (it was a mom's idea, for once).
This past weekend we kicked off our infamous Spring Fest with brunch! It was a full team effort to feed nearly 20 people, but I couldn't think of a better way to fuel up for a long day of dancing and celebrating spring.

People milled about the townhouse quad before the concert. There was the most people I've seen since the first week of school, with many from neighboring colleges which we didn't exactly like, but they weren't causing much trouble.

Our Spring Fest featured Mat Kearney and Sammy Adams. Mat demonstrated clear talent and seemed like a genuine man. I removed myself from the crowd for Sammy Adams, who promotes the image of a Boston frat boy. We watched the chaos ensue from a hill side with amusement.  

Following the weekend recovery, I've hunkered down in the library to tie up my thesis and prepare for poster presentations on Friday and Monday. There's no time to lose momentum! But I'll save the rest of my four years of sentimentality for another post.

Listening: "Through the Wire" from Tokyo Police Club's new album, Forcefield.

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